What’s Happening in IGQ

The Measurements Handbook (MHB) R5.5 Scrub was completed and the draft will go out for full QuEST Forum vote in April. In addition, the Examples team is working on an SFQ example and they expect it to be ready for approval at the April meeting.  The next item on the TL 9000 Roadmap will be the Requirements Handbook (RHB) R6.1 point release will include input from the in-process teams on Design and Developments Requirements, Generic Wording, SW Product Introduction and KPI Enhancements. In-process items must be accepted by IGQ prior to the deadline of 30 June 2017. Looking forward, the must use date for RHB 6.1 would be 15 September 2018. The EMEA TL 9000 Advocate met with EMEA team. EMEA has a Framework and benchmarking study in progress for four application quality measures. Any measures would not be added until the R6 version of the MHB and it may be challenging to get EMEA inputs in the R6.1 release. Continued execution of the TL 9000 roadmap release process which will maintain a quarterly release cadence, to increase the velocity of the introduction of TL 9000 measurements and requirements needed to support new technologies. The team will continue to manage the Roadmap which includes the introduction of Methodology agnostic development requirements, and modifying test requirements to reflect industry best practices.

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