What’s Happening in IGQ

The RHB R6.1 will be sent out for full forum review and for comment on 3 July 2017. An announcement about the comment review will be sent out soon. Reviewers may comment on anything within the RHB, but IGQ may hold any comment unrelated to the approved content, until the next full release. The current approved content addresses minor wording changes developed by the Design and Development Requirements Generalization Sub-team. Developed to improve the TL 9000 requirements and make them more relevant to different methodologies.

The EMEA KPI sub-team is progressing with the benchmarking of web browsing measures and will be the first to use UTD’s new benchmarking platform. Alan Rutterford will present information in July on the Measurements Framework, which is intended to facilitate future operator needs for QoE measurements.

IGQ is looking for a new team lead to facilitate the update to the Security Resources Guide. The current document was created in 2013 by Nancy Lee of Ericsson, who has since retired. Anyone interested in leading this effort to refresh the document is encouraged to contact Sheronda Jeffries, Bill Jibby, or Floyd Williams.

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July 08, 2017 at 11:35 pm, Roxy said:

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