TL 9000 seminar in Tokyo

QuEST Forum Japan Hub held the TL 9000 seminar joint hosting with CIAJ on July 4th, 2016 (JST) at CIAJ’s conference room in Tokyo. We had 41 seminar participants (with 27 first participating and total 15 companies/bodies). And the seminar had lively Q&As.

The agenda of this seminar covered;TL 9000 seminar in Tokyo3

  • Introduction of QuEST Forum & Japan Hub
  • Outline of TL 9000 Requirements (Instructor: Hisahiro Yoshizaki, Technofer)
  • Outline of TL 9000 Measurements (Instructor: Shinichi Kobayashi, Technofer)
  • Q&As
  • Questionnaire

About 70% of participants gave the feedback as “good” or “excellent” on the content of lectures and also we got many valuable feedbacks on the seminar according to the results of the questionnaire.

Japan Hub will make a plan for next seminar in November and it will include the explanation regarding new Requirements Handbook (RHB R6.0).

For more information, contact Masahiro Shimbashi at

.TL 9000 seminar in TokyoTL 9000 seminar in Tokyo2

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