TL 9000 Measurements Handbook R5.5 Point Release Delta Course Available

Alert 17-004B recently announced availability of the TL 9000 Measurements Handbook R5.5 Point Release with a publication date of June 30, 2017. The QuEST Forum Training Sub-team has developed an eLearning course that provides an overview of the changes between the TL 9000 Measurements Handbook Release 5.0 and the Measurements Handbook R5.5 Point Release. It summarizes the changes and explains their impact on the organization, its customers, and the audit process. The course concludes with a quiz and a certificate of achievement is awarded to participants with passing scores. This 20 minute eLearning course is open to everyone but is required for Certification Body auditors to update their qualifications before audits can be conducted to the new revision of the Measurements Handbook. The price of the course is $10 for QuEST Forum members and $15 for non-members. The course is available on QuEST Forum’s e-Learning portal.

5 Responses to “TL 9000 Measurements Handbook R5.5 Point Release Delta Course Available”

March 15, 2018 at 9:09 am, Rino Kim(GiSuh Kim) said:

I want to attend the delta course


March 15, 2018 at 9:31 am, GISUH KIM said:

This is the email I used each time I tried it.


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