The QuEST Forum Sustainability Initiative was launched in 2014 following the elevation of Sustainability to the Executive Board Level in 2013.  Under the guidance of QuEST Forum Chair Emeritus Steve Pickett and QuEST Forum CEO Fraser Pajak, a pilot group of nine companies began submitting data into the QuEST Forum system in May of 2014.

The primary goal of the Sustainability Initiative is to create a TL9000 measurement class that sets the industry standard for the effectiveness and maturity of a company’s sustainability program.  The measurement class enables peer benchmarking and best practice sharing among participating companies. This approach aides companies with establishing their sustainability visions, strategies and goals; as well as identifying collaboration partners.

In 2016 QuEST Forum incorporated sustainability assessment into TL9000 quality requirements to advance companies’ best practices. TL9000 is built on ISO 9001 and its quality principles. Supporting this requirement, the QuEST Sustainability Assessor was launched. This is an online sustainability assessment model that enables companies to rapidly self-assess and benchmark their sustainability and corporate social responsibility programs with industry best practices. The QuEST Sustainability Assessor provides feedback and guidance to assist a company with optimizing their sustainability programs. In addition to the benchmark assessment, users receive a ranked set of recommendations for CSR and Sustainability improvement. The Assessor’s recommendations also support users in easing sustainability implementation and driving positive fiscal impacts to the bottom line. Guidance is provided on the TL9000 website.

The Sustainability Initiative Team is led by Stephen Bernard, Sr. Sustainability Manager, AT&T, and is supported by a set of six sub-teams comprised from Sustainability Initiative members. Sustainability Practices Subject Matter Expertise is provided by a team led by John Spear and epi Consulting. Frequent conference calls, special events, and best practices sharing enable the initiative to provide additional value to members.

As of September 2016, membership in the Sustainability Initiative has grown to 35 members comprised of leading OEMs, Carriers and Services companies in the telecommunications sector from throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Companies participating in the QuEST Forum Sustainability Initiative saw an average of a 17% improvement in their YoY Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility measurements.

QuEST Forum invites you to join us in creating a sustainable future for the ICT industry.  To learn more, please contact us by emailing

For additional information on the QuEST Sustainability Assessor please visit the Assessor website or see our September 2016 press release.








Sustainability Sub-teams: Growth, Standards, Metrics, Benchmarking, Training, Marketing

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