Security controls from ISO 27001 can be a helpful guide for TL 9000 implementation

Ensuring security of products and infrastructure is part TL9000 requirements. The ISO standard on information security can be a helpful reference for the organizations and auditors. The ISO 27001 standard provides a list of security controls. ISO 27002 provides implementation guidance of those controls. Organizations can pick and choose controls relevant for their products and/or services.

Key words in TL9000 (section 7.1) related to security are:

  • Security risk assessment by identifying threats and vulnerabilities
  • Product design should consider safeguarding from such threats and vulnerabilities
  • Implement operational controls in the operational environment
  • Include security risk assessment in the change control process

Here are some commonly used controls from ISO 2701:2013 Annex A that can be helpful for the organizations implementing TL9000. Most of these controls are simple common sense. You do not require an expert on security or IT to implement those.

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