QuEST Forum Sustainability Spotlight: epi Consulting

One of the many advantages of membership in QuEST Forum is the exposure to the knowledge and best practices of experienced, world-class industry leaders. A notable example of such leader can be seen through the impactful contribution of QuEST Forum member, epi Consulting.

epi Consulting specializes in sustainable supply chain innovation. They have become a leader in the industry by driving their international mission to transform global supply chains. They are successfully achieving this ambition by demonstrating how sustainability can be beneficial, not just to people and the planet, but to the company’s bottom line. This includes reducing a firm’s costs, increasing its competitive benefits and growing their annual profits.

john-spearSince its founding in 2009, epi has grown to a global team with 30 consultants spanning across four offices including a branch in China, with plans to open a US office in 2016. In 2014, the excellence, passion and drive of the epi team was recognized as they were named UK’s Best Procurement Service Provider at the prestigious National Procurement Leader Awards.

epi is perhaps best known for its work in the telecommunications arena. Their focus on telecom began when BT enlisted them to partner in the development of a best practice, supply chain sustainability program. As a result of this partnership, the BT Sustainability Assessment Model was born and the Better Future Supplier Forum (BFSF) was launched. BT’s BFSF has significantly improved their supply chain while positively impacting their cost and carbon savings. The model has also won prestigious awards including 2014’s Guardian Sustainable Business Supply Chain Award. epi Consulting has since begun work with five major European telecommunications companies and has become a trusted advisor on the sustainability improvements of nine of the world’s largest telecommunications supply chains.

Epi has gone on to show continuous commitment to supply chain sustainability through their engagement in QuEST Forum’s Sustainability Initiative. In 2013, BT and epi Consulting introduced QuEST Forum to the BFSF model and have since been heavily involved in its impact on the organization. Various representatives of epi Consulting have contributed to QuEST Forum work groups and have had a notable impact on metrics. They have delivered webinars and presented at QuEST Forum conferences in APAC, EMEA and the US. epi also contributed to the drafting of the QuEST model, and they continue to advise on its development to ensure that it reflects true best practices in sustainability, now and in to the future.

epi Consulting’s knowledge and experience has resulted in concrete contributions to QuEST Forum’s Sustainability Initiative. The success of this initiative further supports epi’s mission to contribute to the transformation of global supply chains, effectively benefiting both the ICT sector and the planet at large.