QuEST Forum Shenzhen host Sustainability Workshop at Shenzhen Quality Fourm

On the afternoon of July 27th, Jack Pompeo, Vice President of Huawei, vice-chairman unit of Shenzhen Association for Quality (SZAQ), led the team to participate in 35th Shenzhen Quality Forum. Keagan Rubel, Greater China Director of EPI Consulting, share the topic of Sustainability with more than 150 quality management personnel. Shuiming Li, Deputy Secretary-General of SZAQ, and Stephanie Ying XU, Executive Director of QuEST Forum Shenzhen attended the event.

Jack Pompeo, Vice President of Huawei, analyzed the importance of sustainability strategy to telecom operators when they seek for stable business growth, leading technology advantage and competitiveness from the aspects of security, finance, logistics, energy, etc. As we know, the concept of sustainability is originated from earth environment resources and human society survival, including the human society, economic, and ecological environment. Huawei creatively combined sustainability into the enterprise management strategy, which has a strong forward-looking and realistic significance for guiding enterprises to a healthy development road.

Shuiming Li, Deputy Secretary-General of Shenzhen Association for Quality said that, after years of cultivation and promotion, Shenzhen Quality Forum is now famous and favored by quality management professionals. Enterprises now activley participate in Shenzhen Quality Forum, which is a great platform for integration of resources, sharing quality knowledge and improving professional skills. Enterprises are warmly welcome to co-organize Shenzhen Quality Forum, which held once every two months. Jack Pompeo said, Shenzhen Association for Quality is the only organization that Huawei strategically cooperate in the long-term in China. Huawei will continue to maintain deep cooperation on the issue of sustainability and to carry out more specific topics and best practice for sharing.

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