Anonymous Post-Audit Feedback Summary Communication

By AB/CB Subteam dated April 22, 2016

AB/CB completed the review of the anonymous post-audit feedback on April 8, 2015.  Below is a summary of the input along with noted highlighted items of interest for ABs and CBs.

The below data was collected between July and September, 2015:

  1. Many positive comments on the CBs to include:
    1. Robust and consistent delivery.  
    2. Auditors took their time to understand the business.  
    3. Useful information provided for improvement.  
    4. Auditor was timely and considerate.  
    5. Auditor was not pompous with TL 9000 knowledge or with noted findings.
    6. New items not previously identified were reviewed.  
    7. Thoroughly explained the reasoning for OFIs and minor nonconformities found.
    8. Treated auditees with respect.
    9. I like the idea of this sounding board – would like to see future updates that the feedback is useful.
  2. Individual Feedback on “Items of Interest” Summarized for AB and CB Consideration:
    • Summarized Comment:  Observed deterioration of CB response. AB/CB Subteam believes this comment is a supplier management vs. oversight issue.
    • Summarized Comment:  Expressed frustration that CB Auditors are not preparing for audit by reviewing/using the pre-audit information.  AB/CB Subteam, through this communication document, believes CBs are made aware of this feedback to ensure auditors are complying with the Code of Practice for Pre-Audit Information Package.
    • Summarized Comment:  Multiple product lines at various sites using the same product lifecycle should not require 100% audit.  AB/CB Subteam believes this is a CB and organization discussion to follow IAF MD documents for compliance.
    • Summarized Comment:  Competency of auditors needs to be improved. Several actions were taken by the AB/CB Subteam to help support the CB Community to include, but not limited to, mandatory Training, updates to the Qualification &Experience Requirements, measurement webinars posted to QF Website, optional Measurement Handbook and Code of Practice checklists.  Without more detailed information no actions will be taken by AB/CB Subteam beyond planned activities.
  3. General comment regarding lack of reference material related to “V” (services) specialty. AB/CB Subteam reached out to the Website Subteam sharing the above input.  Subteam lead indicated that a review of the data to possibly improve the categorization of material would be helpful.  It was noted that there is material related to “V” specialty but may not be easily found.

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