The Trouble with Corrective Actions

Small Business Webinar_ Corrective Actions

Thank you for your interest. This webinar concluded on 20 October 2015. We will have the presentation and audio for you to download soon!

QuEST Forum discussed how an effective corrective action process enhances your business and provides greater customer satisfaction. Corrective action is reactive. Feel assured that if something has gone wrong you can follow the steps to deal with the problem.

The Trouble with Corrective Actions covered the following:

  • Using Corrective Actions Effectively
  • Root Cause,  Not Just For Customers
  • How good are your Root Causes Really?
  • My Actions are Effective… Honest

This free webinar, presented by the Small Business Standing Committee of QuEST Forum and is open to members and non-members of QuEST Forum.

About Our Speaker:

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Cindy Soltis is a Business Line Manager for UL DQS responsible for Aerospace, Medical, Telecommunications auditors in the USA as well as Western Region ISO 9001 Auditors.  Cindy has been a third party registrations auditor for 17 years, qualified in ISO/TS 16949 and  received her Global 8D Trainer Certification in 1994.  She has over 17 years of manufacturing experience and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in  Psychology.  She is a licensed Auctioneer and specializes in working with Non Profits.  She and her husband Rick (also an Auctioneer) own and operate, Bluefox Benefit Auctions.  She is currently President Elect for the Texas Auctioneers Association which is the largest Auctioneers Association in the country.   She currently resides in Boerne, TX.  Together she and Rick have 3 wonderful children and 3  phenomenal Grandchildren.