APAC Best Practices Conference Speakers

2015 APAC Best Practices Conference Keynote Speakers


Narito Shibaike, PhD
Tokyo University of Technology
Professor, Doctor of Engineering

Keynote Presentation: Sustainability Engineering, Practical Studies for Building a Sustainable Society

Professor Narito Shibaike was born in 1955, and graduated The University of Tokyo. He has over thirty years of experience in mechanical engineering particularly focusing on environmental design technologies at Panasonic Corporation, The University of Tokyo and the University of Cambridge. There, he has developed several cutting-edge products, micromachines and an environmentally conscious materials selection methodology. The expertise in technical strategy and green management has made him involved in lots of international dialogue and standardization frameworks as a Japanese delegate. At present, he plays an important role in research and education on sustainable engineering at the Tokyo University of Technology.



100crop_550066e9861bc_NoriyoshiFukumaruNoriyoshi Fukumaru
Fukumaru Management Techno Corporation

Keynote Presentation: Maturity Model of Internal Audit

・1974   Electric Engineering Section of Department of Engineering at
Kagoshima University graduate
・1974   Joined Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation
・1996   NTT materials procurement section quality control director
・2000-2001 Ltd. NTT-ME consulting director
・2002-present Fukumaru management techno representative director
・2013-present Association of Nippon Management System Audit
Engineers representative



100crop_550709501c4c0_ToshiakiYanagidaToshiaki Yanagida
Iwaki Production Systems Research Ltd.
Senior Consultant

Keynote Presentation: Key Concept in Toyota Production System and Their Own Thought

– 1971  Industrial Engineering Section of Department of Science and
Engineering at Waseda University graduate
・1971  Joined Fujitsu Ltd. Production Engineering Dept. (Industrial
Engineering Sect.) Standard Time making, Manufacturing line
building and work improvement etc. (Communication Products
・2002-2008  Planning and promoting of Fujitsu group Lean innovation
activity (“TOYOTA Production System : TPS” introduction) and
TPS guidance in each factory (20 factories : PC, Communication
and electronic component, etc.)
・2008  Retired Fujitsu Ltd.
as Consultant
・Leading TPS introduction to the electric system major company
(5 companies: Copiers, air conditioners and electronic
machines, etc.)
・Leading Lean innovation activity to the middle-size company
(6 companies: Sheet metal, machining tool, printed circuit
board, etc.)



100crop_55146c17c286a_YoshinoriIizukaYoshinori Iizuka
The University of Tokyo
Professor Emeritus

Keynote Presentation: Quality Management for Sustained Success – It’s Fundamental Concepts & Genuine Quality Management Model.

Graduated from the University of Tokyo in 1970. Teaching and researching at the University of Tokyo for 1976-2013. Professor Emeritus in 2013. His research has focused on quality management, including TQM, ISO 9000, Structured Knowledge Engineering, Healthcare Social System Engineering, Software Quality and Nuclear Safety.

(1970年東京大学卒.1976-2013年東京大学において教育・研究に従事.2013年名誉教授.専門は品質マネジメント,とくにTQM,ISO 9000,構造化知識工学,医療社会システム工学,ソフトウェア品質,原子力安全)
President, Japanese Society for Quality Control (JSQC) for 2003-05.
Chair, Deming Prize Examination Committee (TQM) for 2008-11.
Chair, Japanese National Committee for ISO/TC 176 (ISO 9000s) for 2000-2012.
Chair, QMS Accreditation Committee, Japan Accreditation Board (JAB) for 1999-2012.
Academician, IAQ (International Academy for Quality)(国際品質アカデミー会員)
Deming Prize for Individuals in 2006. デミング賞本賞)
Nikkei Quality Management Literature in 96, 98, 99, 02, 03, 06, 09×2, 12 and 14.
ASQ (American Society for Quality)/ Freund-Marquardt Medal in 2010.
Industrial Standardization Awards/ Prime Minister’s Award in 2012.

2015 APAC Best Practices Conference Invited Speakers

100crop_550064818af7f_MakotoKuboMakoto Kubo
Japan Accreditation Board
Senior Director and Secretary General

Invited Presentation: The Status and Issues of Quality Management System Certification in Japan

Makoto Kubo received Bachelor’s Degree in Aircraft Engineering, University of Tokyo in 1972 and joined Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd. (MHI). He engaged in management of technology working in the head office and R&D center of Technical Headquarters over 30 years.  In 2001, Makoto Kubo became the General Manager, Technology Planning Dept., Technical Headquarters, MHI and in 2006 became Managing Director of the Japan Accreditation Board (JAB).  In 2012, he became the Executive Director & Secretary-General, JAB.



100crop_55006513590e2_MasayoshiIida1Masayoshi Iida
NEC Corporation and CIAJ
Senior Expert and TL 9000 WG Chair, QMS Committee

Invited Presentation: TL 9000 WG Activities

2009- CIAJ  QMS Committee Member
TL 9000 WG Member
2013- TL 9000 WG Chair



100crop_55006a032d336_YoshikazuKameyama1Yoshikazu Kameyama
Japanese Society for Quality Control
Leader of Working Group 1 QMS Subcommittee

Invited Presentation: Revised ISO 9001 – in a Viewpoint of Top Management

Yoshikazu Kameyama is currently the leader of the Working Group 1 QMS Subcommittee of Japanese Society for Quality Control.  In 1970, he received Bachelor of Economy and joined the Long Term Credit Bank of Japan where he engaged in corporate loan, structured finance, project finance businesses.  In 1998, he joined the Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA) as the General Manager of the Planning Div. in Management System Certification Center, and GM of the CDM Department.  In 2007, Yoshikazu joined The Japan Accreditation Board (JAB) as Deputy Director-General of Accreditation Center and an active member of International Accreditation Forum.  In 2011, he retired from JAB and become a member of the Japanese Society for Quality Control.

2015 APAC Best Practices Conference Executive Speakers

100crop_5500620002113_AtsuoKawamura1Atsuo Kawamura
NEC Corporation
Senior Vice President

Executive Presentation: Orchestrating SDN/NFV Solutions: Open the Future with New Network Era

Atsuo Kawamura is a Senior Vice President at NEC, responsible for NFV/SDN  business promotion and in charge of its strategy for product and service development. He has been driving the NEC’s telecom business for 30 years, especially focusing on software development, as well as strategically  managing product development while assuring its

He is also aggressive in utilizing OSS products such as Linux  to timely provide products, services, and quality suited to the needs of the telecom market.



100crop_55146a7faf25e_ChristinaBirkehammarChristina Birkehammar
Senior Strategic Product Manager, CEM

Executive Presentation: Quality Measurement Framework Puts the End User in Focus

Christina Birkehammar, M.Sc, DIHM, is senior strategic product manager and User-experienced Service Performance driver for Expert Analytics at Ericsson’s Customer Experience Management unit, within Business Unit Support Systems. She joined Ericsson in 1985 driving product management of mobile telephony core systems. Her areas have been product line responsibility for TACS, AMPS, DCS 1800. She has worked in Market Unit Western Europe as key customer responsible and in product line manager for packet core WCDMA and also in business development. She was GSM and WCDMA release manager, introduced e.g. AMR-WB in e2e roadmaps and introduced Consumer Lab in our service performance evaluations. Today she is engaged in bridging the gap accurately between monitoring of user perceptions of service quality and the evaluation of the network promoter score.



100crop_5500622e821ff_DeeptiAroraDeepti Arora
Nokia Networks Quality
Vice President

Executive Presentation: The Cost of Poor Quality

Deepti Arora is the Vice President of Nokia Networks Quality. As a member of the Networks Leadership Team, she is a transformational leader, focused on making quality a strategic force and a differentiator. End to end Quality Management makes this assignment both a challenge and an opportunity to which Deepti brings her rare combination of experiences in quality, business operations, engineering, sales and general management.

Prior to joining Nokia in 2011, Deepti held positions of increasing responsibility with Motorola, including roles leading Wireless Networks Global Quality, Motorola Mobility’s Platform Quality & Product Performance, and the Motorola Software Group’s Business Operations. Earlier in her career, Deepti managed regional sales and technical support for the Xerox Corporation.

Over the years, Deepti’s technical expertise and business acumen have been recognized in various ways. Of particular note, she was named a “Top 100 Executive Leader” by Diversity MBA and has delivered keynotes at a number of global conferences. Additional honors include receiving a Women’s Leadership Award, an Outstanding Achievement Award and a number of Corporate Recognition Awards.

Deepti holds a Masters in Business Administration, a Masters in Philosophy and a Bachelor’s in Economics. She is also a graduate of a number of executive programs with the London Business School, the Center for Creative Leadership and the Kellogg Graduate School of Management. Deepti lives in Illinois where she enjoys music, theater and the outdoors with her husband and two children.



100crop_551ef7f749388_JiroOtsukiJiro Otsuki
Fujitsu Limited
Corporate Executive Officer, Head of Network Business Group

Executive Presentation: Coming Soon!

Mr. Otsuki currently serves as Corporate Executive Officer at Fujitsu Ltd. in Japan.

He is also EVP, Head of Network Business Group, Service Platform Business.

From 2008 through 2013, he served as Executive Vice President of Network Business and Head of Network Solution Business Unit in Fujitsu Ltd. in Japan. Before working as EVP of Network Business, he served as President at Fujitsu Network Technologies Ltd (FNT), where he was responsible for product development in network business and day to day operations in multiple geographical locations throughout of entire Japanese country.

Mr. Otsuki was graduated from Waseda University with a Bachelor’s degree in Applied Physics. He joined Fujitsu in 1980 in Telecommunication Division, and has more than 35 years of experience with the Fujitsu organization, including serving at FNT.

He is currently Executive member of CIAJ (Communication and Information network Association Japan).



100crop_551576e3e280a_ChaoXiongLeo Chao Xiong
ZTE Japan KK
CTO and Division Head, Wireless Network System Division

Executive Presentation: Wireless Innovation and Evolution

Mr. Chao Xiong has around 10 years wireless system experience, working as R&D and marketing roles. He focused on TDD systems, including TD-SCDMA, WiMAX and TD-LTE, since joined ZTE Corporation. Now he is CTO and Header of Wireless Tech System Division in ZTE Japan.



100crop_5500723650122_LeroyBlimegger1Dr. Leroy G. Blimegger, Jr.
Huawei Technologies
Global President, Assurance & Managed Services

Executive Presentation: The Global Connectivity Index (GCI) – Benchmarking a Better Connected World

Dr. Leroy G. Blimegger, Jr. is the Global President, Assurance & Managed Services of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.  He is responsible for the worldwide promotion and application of Huawei’s end-to-end solution development and delivery capabilities, with a specific focus on customer support, managed services, and customer experience management (CEM) solutions. Prior to his current role, Leroy was responsible for Huawei’s Network Integration Services business.



100crop_5500704e41866_MariaErikssonMaria Eriksson
Senior Director of Performance Frameworks

Executive Presentation: Quality Measurement Framework Puts the End User in Focus

Maria Eriksson is appointed Senior Director of Performance Frameworks within Ericsson including responsibility for the worldwide Ericsson Group Management System and non-technical standards at Ericsson (e.g. ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and TL 9000).

Prior to her appointment at Ericsson Corporate level, Mrs. Eriksson was responsible for quality frameworks at Ericsson largest Business Unit – Networks.

Mrs. Eriksson joined Ericsson in 1995 and started by working in the area of technical development of Radio products. Mrs. Eriksson has thereafter held various leadership positions and has gained a broad experience working with in depth quality issues with organizations varying in size and scope and tasks spanning from quality in the perspectives of products, services and solutions.

Mrs. Eriksson has worked in many different constellations and (virtual) organizations thus building an extensive professional network and has gained in depth knowledge from the Operational Development and quality area.

She has extensive experience as Chairman of different leadership teams and is used to lead work in distributed organizations by motivating and empowering teams to accomplish tasks outlined. Mrs. Eriksson has a Technical Licentiate Degree in Quality from the Institute of Technology at Linkoping University.

Mrs. Eriksson is dedicated to using quality as a vehicle for technology leadership and incorporating the quality area as an important aspect into the global Strategy.

Maria Eriksson has been working as Chair of the QuEST Forum branch in Europe, the EMEA Region during 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014.



100crop_550067b6c446c_RaviParmasadRavi Parmasad
Chief Quality Officer

Executive Presentation: Quality in the Clouds – a Vision of NFV

Ravi Parmasad joined Alcatel-Lucent as a Database Administrator back in 1997 through the acquisition of Newbridge Networks. In the summer of 1998 he was promoted to Manager of eBusiness and during this time he was responsible for developing the company’s web presence and all the technical capabilities of this site. In the spring of 2000 he was promoted to Director of eBusiness Architecture and was put in charge to lead a Global architecture team to bring all the leading edge e-capabilities to the Alcatel web presence. Having completed his Executive MBA at the University of Ottawa in 2001, Ravi joined the Network and Service Management (NSM) Business Unit as Director of Business Operations. In October 2004, Ravi was promoted to Vice-President of Customer Support & Services responsible for growing the IP Routing & ATM Switching Support & Services Business. Under his leadership, the business unit saw an increase of 25% in orders. Key measures impacting customer satisfaction as defined by TL 9000 improved by over 20%. In addition he launched Alcatel-Lucent’s first industry Service Router Certification (SRC) program which is widely deployed today. In 2008 he became the Vice-President & General Manager – Fiber to the Home Business Unit. His team quickly set out to improve product quality, reliability and profitability. Alcatel-Lucent became the market leader in GPON and continues to have a strong presence globally. After this role, given his broad technical and product management experience and ability to drive quality improvement, he was appointed to Chief Quality Officer for Alcatel-Lucent in 2013.

During his spare time, Ravi continues speaking at many coaching events at Universities and IEEE events. He is also an active supporter of non-profit organizations. During 2006/2007, Ravi joined the Board of Directors of Hopewell. Hopewell is an Ottawa based non-for-profit organization that targets the needs of individuals suffering with eating disorders such as Anorexia and Bulimia. He has dedicated several hours of his time to drive awareness and fundraising for the group. His corporate committee has raised over 50k in funding during 2007 with much support from Network Operators such as Telus and Bell Canada. Prior to living in Canada, Ravi lived in Trinidad, where he completed his B.Sc. Computer Science and was the winner of an Open Scholarship to pursue his Masters (M.Phil) in Genetic Programming at the University of the West Indies (Trinidad).



100crop_55198985dffb4_SMBalaS.M. Balasubramaniyan (SM Bala)
Digital Core Technologies
Director and Chief Mentor

Executive Presentation: MIRAI – Managing Industry Restructuring and Adoptions Inquisitively

S M Balasubramaniyan (SM Bala) has over 36 years of experience in the ICT sector. He did his Masters in Electrical Engineering in IIT, Madras and Management study in IIM, Bangalore.

His experience covers design and implementation of Network Systems for Indian Public and Private Telecom networks while at ITI Ltd, Bangalore, Product Engineering Services for global OEMs and Network operators, Product and Process Quality Assurance services while at Wipro Technologies, Bangalore as Vice President.

SM Bala was Quest Forum Executive Contributor and currently a member in India Hub Leadership team. Besides mentoring Individuals and organisations in Business and operational excellence, he is presently the Chairman and Chief Mentor, Digital Core Technologies, India, a start-up focusing on Design and Competency Development services in Embedded System domain.



100crop_55006825a20df_SankaranRam2015resizedSankaran “Ram” Ramanathan
Verizon Wireless
Executive Director, Network Support Systems

Executive Presentation: Visualization, Not a Dream Anymore

Sankaran “Ram” Ramanathan is the Executive Director – Network Support Systems at Verizon Wireless. He is responsible for providing end-to-end network solutions for monitoring/managing the network infrastructure to proactively identify customer issues. Responsibilities include – providing the relevant network data and tool-kit to the Areas/Regions/HQ for the 4G LTE network, managing the Network Systems and partnering with vendors to deploy platforms that monitor trends, improve performance metrics to achieve operational efficiencies.

In his prior role in Supply Chain Management, he led the transformation of device quality performance delivering supply chain savings through Returns/No-Trouble-Found reduction and OEM performance improvements. He is driven towards positive customer experience by enhancing technical guidance, improving systematic defect resolution and creating feedback loops to future device launches.

He serves as the Vice-Chairman on the Executive Board of QuEST Forum for TL9000 initiatives, and is also a Sponsor for ISO 17025 Certification and Lean Six Sigma processes.

Ram is an active member in the local community mentoring students through Verizon Foundation projects, Leadership Development Program, Somerset 4H Club and Toastmasters.


100crop_551c0d812bb17_Shin-IchiroUenoShin-Ichiro Ueno
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT)
VP of Global Procurement Office/Service Infrastructure Strategy

Executive Presentation: Vision 2020 for NTT Group Network

Shin-Ichiro Ueno is vice president of procurement office of NTT, and a board member of NTT LOGISCO Inc., a logistics company. He is responsible for strategic initiative in NTT group procurement and quality improvement of telecom equipment. He is also in charge of developing strategy about service infrastructure which includes telecom building, civil engineering structure, radio band and electricity.

He started his career as a technical expert of radio network, and in later years he w worked in quality management and disaster recovery planning field. His former job was the head of capital investment and service operations of NTT EAST CORPORATION, in Kanagawa prefecture, the second most populated region in Japan.

2015 APAC Best Practices Conference Best Practices Speakers

100crop_55006146a1e53_AmyYueAmy Yue
Quality Manager

Best Practices Presentation: Integrated Continuous Improvements Ecosystem

Amy Yue has worked in Telecommunications for 17 years with broad experiences in Quality, System Architecture, System Test, and Software Development. Amy currently works with Nokia Networks as Quality Manager for FDD LTE.  She has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Information Engineering, and Master of Science degree in Telecommunications. She is a certified Lean Six Sigma Green Belt and Internal TL9000 Quality Auditor.

Amy specializes in statistical analysis by applying six sigma tools, leading quality improvement activities, and optimizing process with TL9000 mindset that help to improve business performance at Nokia Networks.



100crop_55006273843ee_DuncanZhangDuncan Zhang
Quality Manager

Best Practices Presentation: Integrated Continuous Improvements Ecosystem

Duncan Zhang has 10 years working experience on quality management system in telecommunication industry, and joined Nokia networks since 2011 and is now working in FDD LTE quality organization.  He has master degree of Wireless Telecommunication. He is certified TL 9000 internal auditor and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt candidate.



100crop_55006320c0142_iwashitaHidenori Iwashita
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT)

Best Practices Presentation: Revised ISO 9001 – in a Viewpoint of Top Management

Iwashita Hidenori received B.S. and M.S. degrees in nuclear engineering from the Hokkaido University, Japan, in 2006 and 2008, respectively. Since 2008, he has been a researcher at NTT Network Service Systems Laboratories, Japan.  He is engaged in research  and development of network transmission systems.



100crop_550062d5c8026_Fukumitsu's_pictureKatsumi Fukumitsu
Director of Design Quality Management

Best Practices Presentation: Minimize the Cost by Quality Assurance Process Improvement

Katsumi Fukumitsu is the Director of Design Quality Management, Fujitsu Network Products Unit.  Katsumi works for design, field and process quality of Network Products.  He has more than 20 years of experience in the Telecommunication Industry in Fujitsu. Before Katsumi Fukumitsu came to current responsibility, has many kinds of experiences in Fujitsu. He was Director of Business Development for Optical system in Asia market. And he has experience of Advanced Technology Development, lead of latest technology development and design for the high speed coherent optical system.



100crop_55146b23004e6_LimingZhengLiming Zheng, PhD
ZTE Corporation
Visiting Expert

Best Practices Presentation: 5G New Technology to Improve Network Performance

Dr. Liming Zheng contemporary provides advices and expertise to ZTE Japan as Visiting Expert from 2013, and he is the Associate Professor in Harbin Institute of Technology, China. Before that he worked as Guest Research Fellow (in Tokyo Institute and Technology), and Chief Expert (In ZTE Japan). During recent years, his specialism focus on 5G communication technologies and standards.



100crop_5500677515b82_Parthasarathy_Mohanraj1Parthasarathy Mohanraj
Project Manager

Best Practices Presentation: Zero Defect Initiative – Quality Index Generator

Parthasarathy Mohanraj is an engineering graduate with specialization in the field of Information Technology. He has been associated with Cognizant for 10 years and currently positioned as a project manager of one of projects implemented for a European telecom giant. Prior to Cognizant, Parthasarathy was associated with another communications technology company “Sify” for a year.

One of his biggest achievements in his professional life was to lead a project that attained “Project of the Year” award in 2014 within Communications Practice in Cognizant.

Parthasarathy was born and brought up completely in Chennai, India with his entire education done in Chennai.  His hobbies include listening music and playing carrom.  He is married to Deepa and has a sweet little boy “Dhyanesh” aged 3 years.  He has travelled across Western Europe and United Kingdom, as part of different assignments within Cognizant with his favorite destination being Switzerland visited in 2007.



100crop_550067eeb7bf6_ReikoNishiiReiko Nishii
Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (NTT)
Senior Manager

Best Practices Presentation: HVDC – the Next Generation Power Supply System for Sustainability

Ms. Reiko Nishii is a senior manager of technology planning department of NTT.  She joined NTT FACILITIES, INC. in 1994. She was engaged in maintenance and engineering of power supply systems in the telephone central offices.  She was also a consultant in matters relating to energy consumption of data center.  Reiko has been in charge of management of the total energy for the telecommunication system of NTT group since 2013.  She administers a committee for “The total Power Revolution” to save power of NTT group, in which NTT group decided to implement the new power supply system, High Voltage Direct Current power supply system.



100crop_550068cf2d251_SumitMisraSumit Misra
Lead Executive, Quality

Best Practices Presentation: Being Agile with Assured Quality: a Transformation Journey in Scrum Framework

Sumit Misra is currently designated as Lead Executive-Quality at Aricent. He holds a master degree in Total Quality Management, is a Six Sigma Green belt, Certified Scrum Master having 4+ years of experience in Total Quality Management.  He has been instrumental in executing TL 9000 initiatives and CMMi implementation at Aricent. Sumit has played a key role in software quality analysis, quality tools automation and in adapting Agile-scrum framework at Aricent. He has worked on various Six Sigma projects at Aricent. These days he is working very actively in scaling Agile Framework in one of the big program for a Tier 1 customer of Aricent.   His interests are reading, travelling and listening to music.



100crop_5500693d879a5_TinChungShea1Tin Chung Shea
Huawei Technologies
Quality & Security Management Director, Global Managed Services

Best Practices Presentation: 7 Key Elements for Operation Quality Improvement

Tin Chung Shea has more than 25 years of experiences in the telecom industry, and has been specializing in quality management (TL9000, ISO2000), eTOM, ITIL, Six Sigma, CMMI, Malcom Baldrige, cyber security (ISO27001) and Lean.

He joined the Managed Services Department of Huawei in 2011 with focuses on process standardization, quality improvement and cyber security enhancement, which are all in the same goal of promoting customer satisfaction.   He participated mainly in European projects and is now based in Global Services Center Romania.

Before joining Huawei, TC has worked in PCCW, Flextronics and Hong Kong Productivity Council.



100crop_5500698d2e1a2_YanbinSunYanbin Sun
Quality Manager

Best Practices Presentation: Adoption & Reinforcement – Applying TL 9000 in R&D Business

Yanbin Sun is a quality manager in Nokia Networks Global Quality team for 4 years.  Her primary responsibilities are maintaining/executing quality management system, deploying TL 9000, leading/supporting audits and mentoring continual improvement activities.   Her quality management expertise spans a wide range of telecommunication, including research & development for software and hardware, manufacturing and services. Prior to joining Nokia, Yanbin played leading roles for NEC and Motorola in quality management systems, customer engagement programs and continuous improvement activities.

Yanbin holds a Master Degree in Telecommunication and is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt.



100crop_55006a8612332_WillZhangZhang Hao (Will)
Huawei Technologies
Head of Corporate Sustainable Development Dept.

Best Practices Presentation: BT Better Future Supplier Forum (BFSF) Improvement Program

Mr. Zhang Hao is the head of Huawei’s Corporate Sustainable Development Department. In this position he is responsible for the development the global corporate sustainable development strategy and the establishment, implementation, maintenance and improvement of the sustainable development management system. Mr. Zhang is also responsible for ensuring that sustainable development management policies and practices comply with the requirements from international laws and regulations, international standards, customers and other stakeholders.

2015 APAC Best Practices Conference QF Expert Speakers

100crop_5500645a572cf_KenKoffmanKen Koffman
Global Business Quality Officer & VP Business Excellence

QF Expert/TL 9000 Workshop: TL 9000 Today & Benefit of PDR/TL 9000 Measurements and Requirements Interactive Workshop

Ken Koffman is a customer-focused results-oriented executive with an excellent technical background and over 30 years of Telecom management experience. As the Quality Officer at JDSU, Ken oversees the creation and optimization of all corporate key processes and the measurement system that drives continual improvement and maximizes customer satisfaction for this cutting edge innovator. Before joining JDSU, Ken had a similar role at BigBand Networks, successfully building a robust quality system for the video networking pioneer. Prior to that, Ken had several diverse management responsibilities at Bell Labs and Siemens, covering all aspects of complex product development and support – from systems architecture to 7×24 Service. He oversaw strategic planning, balanced score card design, and QMS implementation, while serving QuEST as an SME and team leader. Ken is a charter member of QuEST, an author of both handbooks, an Executive Board Director, and an acknowledged industry expert. He is the Board’s liaison and an active participant in the Oversight & IGQ Workgroups and Board champion for the Performance Data Report improvements initiative.



100crop_550b2b841b49a_RonBoseDr. Ron Bose
University of Texas at Dallas, Erik Jonsson School of Engineering & Computer Science
Executive Director and Research Professor

QF Expert Workshop: TL 9000 Data Collecting Systems

Dr. Bose joined UT Dallas in April 2013. The focus of his Institute is to serve clients in the area of data analytics, across multiple industries, including communications, healthcare and financial services.

His Institute currently provides the technology support and computer systems for the communications industry’s QuEST Forum, maintaining 14 years of data on service and product quality in a secure environment for 180+ member companies across the globe. The system is certified to ISO/IEC 27001, TL 9000 and ISO 9001.

The Institute also maintains the United States’ largest repository of data on hazardous chemicals, stored at more than 400,000 facilities across the US. This system, called E-Plan, provides on-line information on hazardous materials instantly to first responders and is credited with saving many lives. More than 7,000 emergency response personnel have been trained as authorized E-Plan users in 45 states.

Prior to joining UT Dallas he held senior executive roles in the Communications and Media industry, including Bell Laboratories and AT&T. He was a Partner at Arthur Andersen, serving telecom, media and high-technology clients in the US and Canada. At Siemens, he led the company’s telecom and media consulting practice, serving clients in North and South America. He has also held senior management positions at Fujitsu and Cognizant.

Dr. Bose received his Bachelors in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, Masters in Systems Engineering from Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland and Ph.D. in Operations Research (with a minor in Finance) from the University of Texas, Austin. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE and has served on the Board of Governors of the IEEE Communications Society and as Technical Editor of IEEE Communications Magazine. He is also a certified as a Project Management Professional PMP®

2015 APAC Best Practices Conference TL 9000 Workshop Speakers

100crop_55146bda73d0d_JohnWronka-updateJohn Wronka
Senior Director, Corporate Quality

QF Expert Workshop: TL 9000 Measurements and Requirements Interactive Workshop

John Wronka is a Senior Director of Alcatel-Lucent’s Corporate Quality Management System and TL 9000/ISO 9001 multi-site certification. In this role, John has led several corporate wide programs to improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.  John has had the privilege of QuEST Forum participation including various roles from leading subteams (e.g. Bylaws in Oversight), to secretary/chair roles of IGQ (responsible for TL 9000 technical content).  He has also successfully led executive board initiatives such as the “Top 20”, which resulted in today’s Membership team, the Mentor Program, which became the “Jump Start” program, the individual TL certification programs  – John is a certified TL 9000 expert himself – and most recently the Performance Data Report team.

APAC Best Practices Conference Speakers


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