Dr. Glenn Edwards

Adviser to Chief Quality Officer and CEO





Dr. Glenn Edwards who spent over 40 years at BT, latterly as Head of Supplier Excellence, has been at the forefront of the ICT Industry in utilizing sustainability as a step change driver to improve quality and end to end processes whilst leveraging the opportunities this fresh perspective provides to drive innovation and reduce cost.

Glenn developed a sustainability model in conjunction with epi consulting that provides the “blueprint” for the successful and beneficial deployment of sustainability thinking and practices across any size of organization. This approach was offered to the ICT industry via the Quest Forum 3 years ago, and now forms a key platform for enabling a managed improvement in the maturity of sustainability development and integration into core business processes.

A major success of this focus on sustainability has been the release of innovation within the ICT industry based around understanding and lowering the carbon impact of products and services. By engaging suppliers and other stakeholders in the “Game Changing Challenge” the sustainability program delivered rapid cost saving innovations direct to BT, saving up to 40% energy and 25% material costs. By combining this managed innovation with a deep understanding and implementation of corporate and social responsibility especially in the area of global labour standards, quality, financial and reputational benefits to suppliers and service providers across the world has been delivered.                

Glenn worked for a major UK service provider BT, for over 40 years spending much of that time engaged with major suppliers / partners to deliver maximum business benefit, often located within the companies concerned. Glenn now provides sustainable supply chain consultancy and bespoke training in supply chain tools and techniques. In recent years Glenn has worked across many cultures and continents developing advanced sustainable supply chain methodologies and assessment tools and techniques that best in class ICT organizations see as a market differentiator.