Dr. Mickey Li

Shenzhen Association for Quality



Birth place: Chengdu, Sichuan Province.

Hobbies: photography, traveling, enjoying music and audio products.

Educational information:
Engineer in the technology of standard measurement;
Sichuan Radio and TV University, majored in mechanical engineering;
Received honorary doctorate in Southern Christian University, Nicaragua in South America.

Working experience:
2015 Executive Chairman of Shenzhen Association for Quality
2005-2014 Chairman of Shenzhen Association for Quality;
Since 1992, Dr. Mickey Li has worked on the management of maintenance on electrical and electronic products in Shenzhen Association for Quality; participated in the development of Regulations on the Industry of Maintenance in Shenzhen Special Economic Zone, the first code on the management of maintenance industry in China; implemented and organized the first “evaluation on customers’ satisfaction index in the retail industry” ; organized the research project on The (Industrial) Macro Quality Index in Shenzhen; participating the research, analysis and report writing of The Quality Index of High and New Technology Industries in Shenzhen as the project leader; contributed to the development of the first white paper on quality in China’s quality inspection system and the development of Standardization in Shenzhen, the first white paper on quality in Shenzhen.

2006-2015 member of the 4th and 5th standing committee of Shenzhen Committee of Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference
Also serving as the director of Chinese Association for Quality, member of the National 6σ Promotion Committee of Chinese Association for Quality, member of China Field Star-rating Assessment Committee, member of the Working Committee of China quality Award, member of Quality Manager Qualification Certification Committee, expert member of Shenzhen Mayor Quality Prize, and honorary adviser to Quality Management Associations in Hong Kong and Macao.

Dr. Mickey Li