Commitment Statement

Commment_2 27 January 2015 – Members of QuEST Forum commit. Read the entire commitment statement and a list of participating companies below.

QuEST Forum Commitment Statement 2015

We are seeing growth and change in the global ICT (Information and Communications Technology) Industry at a rapid pace.  The consumer’s dependency on and demand for high-quality technology is at record peak.  QuEST Forum recognized this trend over a decade ago when we developed TL 9000, the global standard for quality in the ICT Industry.  By providing a consistent set of quality requirements and measurements, TL 9000 addresses these customer expectations by adding value and benefits across the total spectrum of disciplines (Buyers, Suppliers, and Service Providers).

refreshed-statement-500w-1Companies registered to TL 9000 benefit from a well-defined common standard addressing the unique communications quality system requirements for design, development, production, delivery, and service.  QuEST Forum Member Companies benefit from best practice collaboration, quality benchmarking studies, and recognition for promotion of excellence from the leading companies in ICT.

The members who have signed below recommit to the QuEST Forum vision: Be the global force for improving quality of products and services delivered to customers of Information and Communication Technologies.

To sustain the vision, the signatories recommit to: continue developing and improving the TL 9000 quality standard; provide support for QuEST Forum’s quality benchmarking and other global quality and best practice initiatives; participate actively and productively as a QuEST Forum member, including regular participation in QuEST Forum meetings, conferences and work groups; and support of their appointed QuEST Forum representatives.

Thank you to our members who have committed!

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