New P3 App Puts Wireless Carrier Claims to the Test

“U get” App Puts a Network Drive Test in Your Pocket

U-get-Mockup-HomescreenP3 group, the global company that set the worldwide standard for wireless network benchmarking, testing and measurement, today announced the launch of U get, a smartphone app that puts the power of a network drive test in the palm of your hand.

Available for Android devices at Google Play, consumers who download the free U get app will join the global community of smartphone users who already rely on P3’s advanced measurement framework to test their personal wireless performance. Once installed, U get works in the background 24/7 recording your individual, everyday smartphone use. It shows your data speeds and signal strength, how much time you spend on 4G LTE, 3G, 2G and WiFi networks, and how many of your calls drop.

U get is secure and private. None of your personal information is collected. The application does not drain your battery or your data plan.

“Network performance is personal and consumers expect high quality connections,” said Dirk Bernhardt, CEO of P3 communications, Inc. “Carrier claims to the largest, fastest and most advanced networks are meaningless if they do not apply in your local area. What matters is the coverage you get where you live, work and travel. With U get, average smartphone users can evaluate the quality of the service they really get when and where they need it. This puts the power of data in consumers’ hands and helps them make informed decisions about service providers. For wireless carriers, understanding this user experience is the key to winning the wireless race.”

Bernhardt said P3 developed its proprietary on-device measurement framework in 2014 to expand and complement the public and private network drive and walking tests it conducts to benchmark wireless network quality around the world.

P3 has extensive experience in collecting, storing and analyzing huge amounts of data. Over the past three months, for example, P3’s worldwide panel of smartphone users generated more than 23.5 million mobile connection tests, 6 million speed tests and 8.2 million voice calls. During that same period, P3 collected and analyzed more than 95,000 days of anonymous smartphone app usage, nearly 74,000 gigabytes of data and assessed the quality of nearly 260,000 hours of voice calls.

“Traditional network drive tests reveal that performance differences between the Big Four U.S. wireless carriers are narrowing,” Bernhardt said. “ Today, nothing is more important to network operators than data based on actual customer perception and experience when using their wireless services. The issues uncovered and insights gained help them understand their customers, make proactive improvements to service quality and guide them to make smart decisions and strategic network investments.”

As with any app, U get 1.0 will continue to evolve with regular and frequent updates. The app road map includes the addition of a button to reset collected data and restart data collection, and a day view to aggregate personal performance on a daily basis.

For more information about the U get app visit or the Google Play Store where it also is available in German, Spanish and Turkish languages.

About P3
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May 08, 2018 at 9:06 pm, Apple technical support said:

This is an app by which we ca connect to the other users and this sis also available for the android users. Main thing is that it is private and secure.


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