Network Function Virtualization

QuEST Forum’s Executive Board is pleased to announce a new strategic initiative in 2015: Network Function Virtualization (NFV).

This initiative will clarify and prioritize the industry’s current NFV quality and performance reliability issues, and will be led by a team of companies whose products and services are used in the development, deployment, and use of NFV.

The NFV strategic initiative will assess the needs and requirements of organizations developing and offering NFV services, encompassing reliability, performance, and security. The team will examine the possible impact on the TL 9000 standard and associated TL 9000 measurements. Based on the findings, the team will recommend future QuEST Forum activities to improve performance in these areas.

Anticipated outcomes include:

  • Provide the industry with measurements of NFV quality of service provided to customers.
  • Develop appropriate enhancements to TL 9000, and provide benchmarking opportunities.

QuEST Forum is seeking companies to participate on the NFV team driving this initiative.

Network Function Virtualization