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Steve Pickett_Chair_homeSteve Pickett, Mastec Technologies
January 2015
While the end of the year brings a time to rest and reflect, it is the beginning of the New Year that brings us the greatest hopes and renewed energies.

2014 was an evolutionary year for the QuEST Forum. We grew in every way… size of membership, number of dedicated and talented volunteers, geographically, and with new initiatives in areas that were deemed critical by our member companies. Two of these initiatives, Sustainability and Tower Quality & Reliability, have brought a heightened relevance to QuEST Forum and are helping make ‘quality cool again’, as our CEO, Fraser Pajak, states so very well.

2014 was also a year where we strengthened our partnerships with like-minded organizations all over the world building on common goals and purposes. We signed a historic collaborative Memorandum of Understanding with the Shenzhen Association for Quality, a model step we intend to duplicate in many other areas globally.

In 2015, QuEST Forum’s evolution continues.

We live in a global environment, increasingly dependent upon us as individuals and corporations to be responsible stewards of our natural resources. We live in a world where ICT has become intrinsic to
our everyday lives. It is critical we not only ensure the quality of our products and services but that we continuously focus on sustainability as we to build and maintain networks… because indeed, quality processes are safe and sustainable processes.

The progress we make together at QuEST Forum is a result of the contributions that the members, the heavy lifters and the champions of this organization provide day in and day out throughout the year. In
work groups and regions, in initiatives and partnerships, there is an ever-present realization that what we can accomplish working together is far greater than what we could ever accomplish on our own. Frankly
there is too much at stake for us not to collaborate.

This publication (2015 Insights and Intents) is an outstanding example of the community and partnership of QuEST Forum. This entire publication is written by members from our Work Groups and Regions. I hope as you take time to read through these stories you get a strong and growing sense of community that is QuEST Forum and the impact this work is having across our industry and across the world.

Let 2015 be a year where we further strengthen our voice, passion and energy to build upon the foundations we have created in our first 15 years…and added to in 2014. Let 2015 be the realization of even more, in terms of relevance to our ICT industry through our quality work and dedicated efforts that drive results that might be out of reach for any one of us, but are within our grasp when we all work together.

When we share and collaborate with each other, we elevate our industry, our businesses, and ourselves.


Steve Pickett
MasTec Network Solutions
2015 QuEST Forum Chair

2 Responses to “A Message from our Chair”

February 02, 2015 at 7:47 pm, Fraser Pajak said:

Well said Steve!


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