QuEST Forum Japan Hub May Meeting

Japan Hub members held the monthly teleconference with GBE WG leaders on May 10th, 2016 (JST) at NOKIA’s Tokyo headquarter. The activities of Japan Hub were reported as May update. QuEST Forum’s Japan Hub held their regular quarterly meeting at same location after GBE teleconference.

The meeting had a lively discussion with totally 18 members from Nokia, Cisco, Fujitsu, NEC, JQA, Technofer, SEI Frontier and contributors.

The agenda of this meeting covered the following items:

  • Sharing the information of last 2016 APAC regional conference in Shenzhen by its attendees such as Satoshi Ikeuchi, Masahiro Shimbashi and Katsumi Fukumitsu, Fujitsu
  • QuEST Forum activities update
  • Japan Hub update from Team1 (Oversight), Team2 (WEB), Team3 (Translation) and Team4 (Marcom)
  • Determine the plan and actions for coming events to be held early July
    – TL 9000 Seminar joint hosting with CIAJ
    – Kickoff of Translation Committee

Next Japan Hub regular meeting will be also held on July 7th (JST) at Fujitsu headquarter.

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