July Updates From IGQ


  • This is the first Requirements Handbook Point Release (6.1) with content for Design and Development Requirements Generalization team proposals approved by IGQ. The draft was sent out for full Forum review 21 July 2017 with review comments due –25 August 2017. A full forum review is conducted only on the changed material with a full forum vote required for publication.


  • Point Release certification rules state that new certifications must use the most current major release and may voluntarily certify to most current point release. For existing certifications, point releases are not required for implementation until the next major release, organizations may be certified against a point release voluntarily.


  • There are currently 2 roadmaps (decoupled from TL 9000), TL 9000 release deployment and QuEST Forum product deployment. The latest versions should be on line by beginning of August At the new Roadmap site now available from https://www.questforum.org/tl-9000-release-roadmap-timeline/ The timeline includes F2F meetings of Service Providers and suppliers that drive content of the Roadmap Submission of Roadmap Items. Other ways to submit content is through “Contact us” on tl9000.org, “Contact us” on questforum.org or Feedback sent to Dave Sanicola or Ed Bryan. The next meeting is September at the Service Provider and Supplier Summit.  This meeting is by invitation only. A lot of work has been done with the service providers and suppliers to create the roadmap and be more responsive to the industry needs.


  • The EMEA team is actively working with UTD to use the new benchmarking platform. The KPI team felt the web-browsing KPI was the most promising, 4 measures will be benchmarked. Team members are reaching out to their clients to get agreement to share data. WCX is being launched to get feedback from customers and the EMEA team is looking at the overlap with that project and where are the opportunities are to cooperate. Will lead to good collaboration.


  • A leader for the Security Guidance Document refresh was identified. Charanjot Gill will lead the team to update the document (thanks Charanjot!).  A sub-team has been established on the IGQ site.  Please join if you wish to participate in this refresh.


  • UTD confirmed that MHB R5.5 templates will be available on August 1st


  • The next IGQ meeting will be a conference call on 16 August 2017. In August, we expect to hear updates from the Outage Sub-Team led by Tom Land and Tammy Gage and from the KPI Enhancement team led by Alan Rutterford.

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