Why Join?

TIA QuEST Forum’s membership of service providers, suppliers, quality bodies and liaison organizations is truly representative of the ICT industry. Members not only derive significant benefits from TIA QuEST Forum but also have an unique opportunity to be actively involved and impact the direction of the organization.

Membership Benefits

TIA QuEST Forum offers superior member benefits that include thought leadership, innovative programs, comprehensive resources and tools, and more.

  • TL 9000 Support and Resources. Enjoy no-cost registration, comprehensive requirements and measurement handbooks, online and onsite training classes at discounted prices, easy access to registrars, auditors and trainers
  • Best Practices Learning. Benefit from practical advice and advanced tools on implementation of best practices from industry leaders through the Best Practices Conferences, online Knowledge Library and Members Only Portal
  • Performance Data Reports. Access leading trend reports, performance metrics and comparative industry data to improve and enhance product and process quality
  • Jump Start Mentor Program. Access to certified experts who provide practical information on TIA QuEST Forum, TL 9000 requirements and measurements, implementation of a new TL 9000 quality management system or improving a current registration
  • Networking Opportunities. Connect and build valuable business connections with global peers, customers, suppliers and industry leaders through best practices and regional conference and work group participation

Member Activities

TIA QuEST Forum provides unparalleled opportunities to its members to participate, contribute and share value with a global community.

  • Regional Hub Involvement. Contribute to the global growth through participation in the Americas, APAC and EMEA regional hubs
  • Work Group Participation. Participate in work groups and working sub-committees to achieve organizational goals and implement initiatives
  • Standards Development. Shape and define TL 9000 standards to meet technology evolution and market changes
  • Event Inputs and Guidance. Recommend topics, recruit speakers and submit papers for a global audience
  • Mentor Program. Become a subject matter expert to provide expert resources to organizations in early TL 9000 certification stages
  • Sponsorship Opportunities. Promote and participate by supporting best practices conferences and regional events and gain widespread exposure for sponsorships

Why Join?

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