QuEST Forum membership membership categories are:

Full Member:

Full membership is available to telecom service provider and supplier organizations. In an effort to make membership more affordable for smaller companies, reduced membership rates are available for companies with annual revenues under US$ 100 million.

Affiliate Member:

Affiliate membership is offered to individual and unique business entities of QuEST Forum full member companies including domestic or international subsidiaries (wholly or partly owned); distinct provincial, regional or geographic subordinate organizations; holding companies; or parent companies.

The Member Affiliate option was created to allow subsidiaries of existing QuEST Forum Full members to participate in the QuEST Forum in their own name, with certain voting rights restrictions. Any or all subsidiaries of a Full member can become QuEST Forum Member Affiliates.

If the parent company is not a QuEST Forum full member, the subsidiary organization is deemed to be a full member until the parent company applies for membership. At such time, full membership may pass to the parent company. The voting rights will be controlled by the full member.

Full member and Member Affiliates can be part of the same work group. However, only one vote is allowed and the full member decides who can cast that vote.


Liaison Membership in the QuEST Forum is open to TL 9000 training providers, business management consultants, Certification Bodies, Accreditation Bodies, or any other organization approved for liaison membership by the Executive Board. Members in this category may not vote or hold elected office in the QuEST Forum.

A liaison member can be an organization, company, or government agency and engaged in business as follows:

  • Registrar/Certification body that is involved in the registration and/or certification process, especially in ISO 9001 and the ICT industry
  • Accreditation body that accredits registrars
  • Training provider that offers training in the elements of a registration and/or certification process
  • Standards body that develop and maintain standards
  • Trade associations that represent an area of expertise that will provide valuable input to QuEST Forum (e.g., The Independent Association of Accredited Registrars, IAAR)

Liaison members may participate in all QuEST Forum activities, attend work group meetings, and submit comments for consideration.