Japan Hub Regular Meeting & Planning Meeting for TL 9000 Seminar

Japan Hub held the monthly teleconference with GBE WG leaders on Oct. 11th, 2016 (JST) at NEC’s Tokyo headquarters. The activities of Japan Hub were reported as September update.

QuEST Forum’s Japan Hub held their regular bi-monthly meeting with 16 participants at same location after GBE teleconference.

We shared and discussed the information of latest activities as below:

・ Report of Service Providers Summit & WGs in Nashville and the latest information of QF (Masahiro Shimbashi, Fujitsu)
・ Sharing the information of “TL 9000 Roadmap” using the latest slides (Masahiro Shimbashi, Fujitsu)
・ Status update of translation for Alert 16-007A and 16-008A (Hisahiro Yoshizaki, Japan Hub and Isao Uchida, Technofer)
・ Discussion regarding the authority for the associate membership of Japan Hub (All)

And after the regular meeting, we had a meeting for next TL 9000 seminar at CIAJ.
The next TL 9000 is planned to be held on November 21st, 2016 (JST) at CIAJ. Japan Hub will prepare the material for the seminar and the summary of changes from R5.5 to R6.0 will be the main topics.

The notification of seminar has been issued to the concerned bodies from CIAJ and started accepting orders for participants.

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