Japan Hub Kicked off the Regular Meeting of 2017

After the monthly teleconference with GBE Workgroup leaders, QuEST Forum’s Japan Hub held the 1st regular meeting in 2017 on Feb. 14th at Fujitsu Tokyo headquarters with 14 participants.

We shared and discussed the information of latest activities and matters as below:
(1) Report of Leadership Summit & WG in Plano and the latest information of QF (Masahiro Shimbashi, Fujitsu)
(2) Set the year-round schedule
– monthly GBE teleconference, Japan Hub regular meeting and next TL 9000 seminar
(3) Shared the information about free discussion of Japan Hub and one service provider regarding TL 9000 held on Jan. 18th
– They are investigating to apply TL 9000 to update their QMS. The challenge is to get the quality metrics data via distributor of global products for their own evaluation of suppliers.
– We had many Q&As about TL 9000. Japan Hub also recommended them to participate to QF conference to have a discussion with global service providers.
– Japan Hub continues to have a communication to support them.
(4) Confirmed the main events of Japan Hub in 2017
– Translation of MHB5.5
– TL 9000 seminars
– Renew and publish the TL 9000 guidebook
– Pursue to support new TL 9000 registration and new membership of QF in Japan
(5) Discussion regarding the interpretation of scope of “Exclusion of application with the implementation of R6.0”
– Continue to communicate with TL 9000 Administrator











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