Japan Hub held the meeting of Translation Committee for the second review

japan-hub2The Committee of Translation of TL 9000 Requirement Handbook R6.0 to Japanese held the second face to face review meeting on Sept. 23rd, 2016 (JST) at Japan Standards Association (JSA) office in Tokyo. Totally 12 members were attended.

Main efforts in this translation by review meeting were;

  • to unify the frequent words to same Japanese words preparing the glossary
  • to understand the nuance of original wording of English
  • to adjust the wording with the description of ISO 9001 Japanized version
  • to query unclear description to QuEST Forum

After this meeting, the final review was started by each member to complete by Sept. 7th (JST). The final revision of translation will be completed by the middle of September and published by within November.

For more information, contact Masahiro Shimbashi at shinbashi.masah@jp.fujitsu.com

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