iQor Adopts QuEST Forum Sustainability Assessment Model to Launch New Initiative

We are proud to share the following announcement was made by QuEST Forum member iQOR on Septtember 14th.


iQor, a global managed services provider embedded in the flow between product, people and services, today announced it would adopt the QuEST Sustainability Assessor, a 10-point framework and assessment tool, to benchmark progress in its new initiative, Sustainability 2020.

“A goal for Sustainability 2020 is to achieve best-practices status in all ten areas”

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This one-of-a-kind online resource rates an organization in ten areas of sustainability and provides customized recommendations for improvement, plus a prioritized action plan that is trackable over time. The model was developed by QuEST Forum, a global organization with 200 member companies that is dedicated to quality and sustainability in the Information and Communications Technology (ICT) industry.

The Quest Sustainability Assessor measures performance in areas such as environmental management, the circular economy and corporate social responsibility. “A goal for Sustainability 2020 is to achieve best-practices status in all ten areas,” said Jimmy Rodriguez, iQor’s Chief Sustainability Officer. “The model and assessment tool will keep us on track to help meet our own sustainability goals and partner with our clients to help them meet theirs.”

As the world’s largest product support company, iQor completes 20 million repairs of electronic devices, components and equipment each year, keeping products and materials in use and out of landfills through refurbishment, asset recovery and recycling. “By 2020 there will be more than 20 billion connected devices in the world, bringing the potential for unprecedented levels of toxic e-waste,” said Hartmut Liebel, iQor’s CEO. “With clients who include some of the biggest technology brands, we are in a unique position to save precious resources and improve the quality of life for our people and our planet.”

iQor will join other industry leaders in sponsoring QuEST Forum Americas Service Providers and Suppliers Summit 2017, which is being held September 18-22 in Dallas, TX. For more information on QuEST Forum and the September summit, click here.

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