What’s New in IGQ: Workgroup Monthly Update

  • RHB R6.1 will be sent out for vote in conjunction with the executive board elections
  • Meetings will be held to discuss the EMEA KPI sub-team’s new measurement framework proposal
  • Security Resources Guide has been updated and reviewed. The document will be sent out for final review before IGQ approval at the November meeting
  • The SPI, Outage, and EMEA KPI sub-teams will look at the TL 9000 Roadmap to determine which release opportunity they can realistically meet
  • PDR sub-team is looking for companies to participate in testing the new Analysticwise PDR Insights tool. Contact Mani Vannan for more information or go to pdrinsights.com
  • IGQ co-chair Bill Jibby met with Harry Smeenk of TIA to discuss the QuEST Forum handbook production and workgroup team rules

For more information, contact Bill Jibby at william.jibby@arris.com

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