GBE Work Group

The Global Business Excellence (GBE) Work Group is chartered to facilitate the evolution of the QuEST Forum Regions and Hubs while also establishing QuEST Forum as the recognized global industry leader in providing Business Excellence and Best Practices information.  All QuEST Forum members are eligible to participate – click here to join the GBE Work Group.

2016 Accomplishments

2017 Initiatives

  • Supported regional conferences planning with staff and regional leadership
  • Facilitated executive visits to China, India and the Middle East
  • Supported various strategic initiative project teams and global aspects of working committee activities
  • Promoted communications between QuEST Forum working committees and regional hubs
  • Supported successful establishment of QuEST Forum Shenzhen branch
  • Established TL 9000 Marketing & Communications (MARCOM) team
  • Supported better communication with Hubs regarding TL 9000 improvement proposals
  • Support QuEST Forum’s 2020 Vision strategic stream initiatives
  • Facilitate the effective maintenance, growth and operational maturity of the regions and hubs
  • Facilitate and support working committee and regional hub strategic initiative activities
  • Promote effective regional participation in QuEST Forum Leadership Council, Executive Board, and working committees in order to achieve QuEST Forum strategic goals, initiatives and objectives
  • Facilitate and support world-class regional conferences and related executive visits
  • Facilitate and support regional conclaves in India and the Middle East
  • Work with QuEST Forum staff, working committees and strategic initiative teams to address regional needs
  • Facilitate engagements with government organizations, regulatory bodies and industry organizations
  • Facilitate Hub engagement in work groups
  • Represent the regions at face-to-face meetings as necessary
  • Facilitate ongoing effort to execute China Strategy and further enable the success of the QuEST Forum Shenzhen NGO
  • Facilitate regional training and TL 9000 implementation support efforts
  • Conduct regular conference calls with each region as necessary
  • Promote Best Practice and Business Excellence sharing and benchmarking

 2017 GBE Leadership

AshokD Ashok Dandekar
Arrigali_GBE Vinny Arrigali
Clancy_GBE Bob Clancy