Wireless Handsets

Effective benchmarking begins with standardized measurement. The wireless handsets strategic initiative standardizes the measurements used to monitor wireless handset performance, providing the basis for benchmarking quality improvements. By creating standard definitions for performance terms such as “dead on arrival (DOA),” “buyer’s remorse exchange (BRE),” “warranty defect rate (WDR),” “bounce rate (BOU),” and “no trouble found (NTF),” this initiative lays the foundation for reliable industrywide benchmarking of handset performance.

2015 Objectives

2014 Accomplishments

• Define the “no trouble found” category and submit the definition for approval.
• Expand the benchmark study to include BRE, WDR and BOU data for the University of Texas TL 9000 repository.
• Ensure all documents are properly submitted to the QuEST Form database for handset metrics.
• Secure additional members to participate in benchmark data submission activities.
• Defined “dead on arrival,” “buyer’s remorse exchange,” “warranty defect rate,” and “bounce rate.”
• Began DOA benchmark study by submitting sample data to the University of Texas TL 9000 repository.
• Formed a new sub-committee team in May 2014 to define device testing criteria during triage process. Team members include Verizon, Pantech, AT&T, HTC, and LG.