Cyber Security Is Not A Tech Issue! Strategies & Best Practices for Today’s Volatile Landscape

Small Business Webinar:

Cyber Security Is Not A Tech Issue!

Strategies & Best Practices for Today’s Volatile Landscape

The small business Standing Committee of QuEST Forum presents James Ketner with AT&T and Cindy Kazee with Universal Network Development Corporation.




Date & Time:
This webinar was held Friday, 10 February 2017 12:00 pm CST.
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About this webinar:

  • This webinar will recognize the value of a good security program for your organization
  • Learn what tools scale and how to fit your needs
About Our Speakers:

James Ketner joined AT&T in 2000 and currently serves as a Technical Consultant for AT&T’s “Center of Excellence”.  Ketner’s role is to serve as liaison between AT&T’s customers and the AT&T sales channels in order to deliver cutting edge solutions with the portfolio of AT&T’s products and services.

Ketner’s 25 year business career in technology has directed his consulting expertise to fortune 100 companies around the world and has garnered him a reputation of being a true “thought leader” in the industry.  He has provided consulting services to all types of organizations ranging from small businesses to global, state and federal entities.  With a deep command of the industry, Ketner was asked to serve as a chair member for the National Institute of Standards and Technology for Cloud and Big Data, as well as other technology boards. As a technological educator who presents information in an easy to under format to people at all levels of an organization, James is a sought after speaker around the globe and holds several cybersecurity/ethical hacking certifications. Ketner is married and lives in the Bay Area.

Cindy Kazee represents the QuEST Forum Small Business perspective during this webinar.  She is the owner and manager of Universal Network Development Corporation.  UNDC provides engineering and technical services solutions to the telecommunications and communications industries.  UNDC offers services to both the public and private sectors across the nation.  The company is based in Sacramento, California with a location in Brewster, New York and Cambridge, Ohio.  UNDC was incorporated in 1980 and received its ISO 9001:TL 9000 certification in June 2010.