“TL 9000 Worldwide Audit Findings Summary – The Facts & Trends”

TL 9000 Worldwide Audit Findings Summary – The Facts & Trends.

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This webinar concluded on Thursday, January 7, 2016, but you can download:

About this Webinar:

For several years, we have been collecting TL 9000 certification, recertification, and surveillance audit finding statistics from all our Certification Bodies world wide.  While we review the results at QuEST Forum’s Oversight Workgroup face to face meetings, we wanted the opportunity to present that material to a broader audience.  We show trend charts for Major and Minor Nonconformities, as well as Opportunities For Improvement.  We also review regional comparisons.  The results are very interesting.   Also, for the first 3 quarters of this year (2015), we’ve run a pilot that collected the specific ISO and TL 9000 requirement / measurement clause that findings were written against.  This webinar will show those results, highlighting noteworthy observations from the data.  All this information is being used as input by the Accreditation Body / Certification Body (AB/CB) and Third Party Process Effectiveness (3P-EVP) subteams to assure TL 9000 audit consistency and integrity.

Note: This webinar is highly recommended for TL 9000 CB and AB Auditors and Administrators.