Benchmarking Projects


Companies interested in benchmarking their company’s performance with others can utilize QuEST Forum to assist them with defining the project, collecting the data, and reporting of the benchmark data.

A benchmark project will follow these steps:

  • Form a team of at least five companies interested in the project
  • Define the scope of the project
  • Define the measurements and counting rules
  • Set up a formal agreement among the participants and agree to the Benchmarking Code of Practice
  • Set up the benchmarking data collection system (this step provided by the University of Texas at Dallas)
  • Define how the benchmark outputs are determined from the submitted data
  • Submit the data over the chosen time period
  • Receive and analyze the benchmark data

Benchmark projects can involve TL 9000 measurements or other measurements defined by the project team.

Benchmarking projects are currently in place for:

  • Communication service provider Network Operations Centers (Network Reliability Centers)
    1. Mean Time to Restore Service (MTRS)
    2. GSI
    3. FQ
    4. DSI
    5. GSP
  • Operational Burden Index (OBI)
    • Measures the burden of implementing new software at communication service provider
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI)
    1. Call ratio

Completed Benchmarking Projects

Since 2005 the QuEST Forum has supplied a benchmarking service to its members to test new measurements and also to get TL 9000 Performance Data Reports from a restricted set of data submitters. Completed Projects are

Fall 2005 – Test five key performance measurements for EMEA region
Fall 2006 – Test new measurement – On-time Delivery of development milestones
Fall 2007 – Restricted PDRs for product category
Spring 2008 – Restricted PDRs for product category 3.3.1
Summer 2008 – Restricted PDRs for product category
Fall 2008 – Restricted PDRs for product category 1.2.2
Fall 2010 – Restricted PDRs for product category

If you are interested in starting a new benchmark project please enter your request through Contact Us.