Oversight Work Group

The charter of the Oversight Work Group (OSWG) is to manage the overall TL 9000 program, including Registration and Measurement Repository systems, electronic tools, recognition, training, translations, Certification Bodies and Accreditation Bodies. OSWG coordinates with TIA QuEST Forum leadership and staff to ensure efficient operation of TIA QuEST Forum business. All TIA QuEST Forum participant members are eligible to participate – click here to join the Oversight Work Group.



To ensure the integrity of the TL 9000 certification program:


  • Implemented the 3rd Party Effectiveness Verification Program (3P-EVP) in which ABs are required to investigate CBs whose quarterly data show a possible misapplication of TL 9000 audit criteria. CBs are required to report quarterly statistics to QuEST Forum
  • Attended meetings (via our member reps) of several national and international standards- related organizations to represent QuEST Forum and to provide ICT industry input on new and revised standards and guidance documents. Also updated QuEST Forum documents in response to changes in external documents
  • Updated the TL 9000 Audit Days requirements document to ensure CBs are able to quote sufficient time for thorough certification and surveillance audits
  • Updated the CB Auditor Code of Practice with requirements for performing installation audits and allowing the use of remote audit techniques
  • Prepared requirements for mandatory supplementary CB auditor training courses (beyond R6 Delta) to support CB auditors in effectively auditing TL 9000 requirements and measurements
  • Delivered a free webinar to refresh users and CBs on requirements for Scope, Certificate, and Registration Profile
  • Developed and launched TL 9000:2016 (R6) Requirements Handbook Delta Training, and managed the development of supplementary CB training that will be launched in 2017

To ensure the effectiveness of TL 9000 operations, communications, and member services:

  • Updated all QuEST Forum process documents and set up methods to ensure these stay up-to-date
  • Oversee and continually improve the 3rd Party Effectiveness Verification Program, and determine actions to take as a result of feedback
  • Continue to manage Strategic Relationships (IAF, ISO CASCO STAR, ISO/TC 176) and participate in global meetings to ensure ICT members needs are championed
  • Manage production of TL 9000 revisions (Measurements Handbook 5.5 and Requirements Handbook 6.1)
  • Launch mandatory supplementary CB training to improve CB auditor effectiveness
  • Define and execute a strategy for refreshing and maintaining sanctioned training courses (instructor led and on line) in coordination with the TL 9000 roadmap
  • Create and publish optional resources to support auditor effectiveness, such as question lists to encourage appropriate depth when auditing technical processes
  • Offer webinars to support auditor effectiveness and the use of resources and revised documents
  • Update the FAQs on TL9000.org and maintain both TL9000.org and questforum.org
  • Update QuEST Forum documents as required to support internal and external changes
  • Continue ongoing operations, communications, and member services activities such as surveys, translations, alerts, Jumpstart, bylaws review, UTD scorecard, peer guides, etc.

 2021 Oversight Leadership

 Bryan Pollard
Jeff Bostow
Sector Supply