NSPRC Work Group


The purpose of the Network Service Provider Reliability Council (NSPRC) working committee is to ensure reliable and cost effective communications service for all end-users by identifying service performance and product quality concerns that can be addressed within the TL 9000 standard. The NSPRC working committee provides a forum for active voluntary participation in the resolution of common reliability and/or public safety problems identified in the operation and maintenance of equipment within the communications service provider network.

2016 Accomplishments

2017 Initiatives

  • Conducted a Planning Meeting in September where we changed the focus of future Supplier meetings to review critical service issues and partnership opportunities
  • Identified 17, and cleared 23, technical issues with nine major suppliers that improved network reliability
  • Updated Charter
  • Added one product category to review with Suppliers
  • Continue to increase the focus on IP in both membership and vendor issues
  • Continue to seek new member companies and representatives
  • Improve Supplier Partnerships
  • Continue to identify and work with suppliers on technical issues to improve network reliability
  • Bring in wireless representation

2017 NSPRC Leadership




Ken Nowakowski
Picture_Not_Available William Belben
Vice Chair
Gaines_IGQ Mike Gaines
QuEST Forum