“I’m ISO 9001.” “I’m TL 9000.” – QuEST Forum Academy Webinar

QuEST Forum Academy Webinar: “I’m ISO 9001.” “I’m TL 9000.” Eight killer reasons why we are a great team!

Thank you for your interest. This webinar concluded on April, 2015 – 10:00 am – 11:30 am CT. but you can download the presentation here.

About this webinar:

Everyone knows ISO 9001 and TL 9000 are different! Or are they?  Attendees of this webinar were treated to an informative and playful conversation between two personas; “I’m ISO 9001” (Sheronda Jeffries, Cisco) and “I’m TL 9000″ (Richard Hill, TL 9000 expert and consultant) ” – delivered via a point/counterpoint style conversation that was entertaining and engaging!

  • Attendees heard a lively discussion about the current revisions of the two standards – ISO 9001:2008 and TL 9000 R5.5/R5.0.
  • See the twitter conversation at  Twitter #IamISOorTL.

This Webinar was brought to you by QuEST Forum Academy and was free to members and non-members.

“I’m ISO 9001.” “I’m TL 9000.” – QuEST Forum Academy Webinar