Fraudulent QuEST Forum Checks

If you have received an unsolicited check from QuEST Forum, please be aware that the check is fraudulent. QuEST Forum does not advertise for employees or purchase items on any websites. If you cash this check, while the bank may initially accept it, the bank will hold you responsible when it is discovered.

Following are some examples of scams:

  • Listings that are posted by scammers offering home-based employment
  • Scammers responding to listings by individuals offering an item(s) for sale
  • Scammers responding to listings by individuals seeking employment

The scammer will send an email or call to indicate an interest in hiring the individual or purchasing an item for sale. Email correspondence is then exchanged multiple times detailing a false scenario regarding the scammer’s current employment/living situation and/or telling the individual when the purchaser’s agent will be by to pick up the item.

Once some type of agreement is made between the scammer and the individual, a fraudulent QuEST Forum check will be delivered to the individual by overnight courier or Priority US Mail. There is no accompanying documentation with the check and the amount of the check will be more than the agreed upon amount. Later that day or the following day, the individual will be contacted by email or by phone letting them know that the scammer has tracked the delivery confirmation of the check. Instructions will be provided to either cash or deposit the check, keep the agreed upon amount for payment, retain a small additional amount for time and trouble and then wire the overage by Western Union or MoneyGram to the scammer’s agent designated in the instructions. The individual will be urged to complete the transaction quickly as the scammer is in the process of moving and the movers cannot arrive without receiving the wire payment first.

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Fraudulent QuEST Forum Checks