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Global Sustainability Winners Featured in Time Square

Last month we posted several photos on our Facebook page regarding the six winners of our third annual Global Sustainability Awards. To promote this accomplishment, we took it one step further and decided to post the winners and their pictures on the TVs in Time Square, New York.   We dominated the Thompson Reuters 8,000 square foot TVs […]

LOM Expands North America Presence with Indiana Industrial Hub

On September 12, 2017, ALOM cut the ribbon officially opening their new 48,000 sq. ft. fulfillment and distribution center based in Indianapolis, IN. ALOM, a global leader in supply chain management serving the telecommunications industry has announced the opening of a new 48,000 square foot fulfillment and distribution hub located in Indianapolis, IN. With this […]

Benefits of accredited conformity assessment for supporting supply chains, ISO and IAF roles

Accredited certification holds significant benefits for delivering confidence within supply chains. In this article, Sheronda Jeffries, QuEST Forum member and IAF User Advisory Committee (UAC) Chair, and Carmine Reda, UAC member, discuss the value of accredited conformity assessment for supporting supply chains, ISO and IAF roles in standards development and accredited certification, and how to […]

What’s New in IGQ: Workgroup Monthly Update

RHB R6.1 will be sent out for vote in conjunction with the executive board elections Meetings will be held to discuss the EMEA KPI sub-team’s new measurement framework proposal Security Resources Guide has been updated and reviewed. The document will be sent out for final review before IGQ approval at the November meeting The SPI, […]

AB/CB Subteam News!

CB Mandatory Training on the Horizon – what you need to know! One of the Validation Audit Project actions included mandatory training for the currently qualified CB auditors. Its purpose is to address: Insufficient General Training Softgrading Lack of Measurement Audit Knowledge Infrequent Audit Practice and Experience Insufficient CB Process Training Calibration of Existing Auditors […]