ALOM CEO Delivers “Connected Devices Transform The Supply Chain” Keynote at DMSCA 2017

Technology is Leveling the Playing Field Between Large and Small Businesses

Hannah Kain, ALOM President and CEO delivered a general session presentation at DMSCA 2017 held in New Orleans, LA titled “Altered States: Connected Devices Transform The Supply Chain”. The talk covered how connected, wireless devices in products and parts; on pallets, shelving, and lift equipment; and in trailers, shipping containers, warehouses and stockrooms enable richer data and deeper intelligence for all supply chain stakeholders. As these capabilities become mainstream—and as more physical assets communicate to a networked intelligent ecosystem—modern supply chains will deliver differentiated service to customers more efficiently. The session explored how this technology can level the playing field between small and large businesses by providing practical solutions to service companies of any size and positively affect the creation of “connected” end-user communities.

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