Strategic Objectives

Strategic Objectives

QuEST Forum has established five organizational objectives and key strategies to realize these objectives. These objectives translate QuEST Forum’s mission and vision into a tangible foundation and the strategies provide a framework for the work groups activities.




Objective A Promote a collaborative global and regional forum of industry leaders A1. Develop and implement a well-integrated regional strategy to align with regulatory bodies, government agencies, standards groups, quality organizations and other.

A2. Drive consistency and uniformity in regional leadership and work group structures.

A3. Identify and recruit key companies for membership.

A4. Develop regional strategy and plan; define processes and resources needed to support its activities

A5. Develop an integrated marketing strategy and plan to identify, recruit, retain and reinstate members 

Objective B Identify and share best practices to improve operational excellence B1. Evolve the regional best practices process and evaluate viability of regional best practices conferences.

B2. Develop a system to facilitate the selection and sharing of global and regional best practices across the entire membership

Objective C Harmonize global industry quality management system requirements and measurements C1. Deliver effective TL 9000 requirements and measurements documents.

C2. Optimize the performance and utilization of the measurements database through better use of product categories, strategic management reports, and review of reporting inconsistencies.

C3. Establish coaching and tool kits to facilitate quality systems implementation.

C4. Develop a process to incorporate emerging technologies measurements in a timely manner

Objective D Capture and benchmark key industry performance data to drive improvement of end-customer experience D1. Identify and recruit subject matter expertise to launch work effort.

D2. Establish framework to put a benchmarking process in place.

D3. Develop unique end-customer service measurement criteria

Objective E Develop new products and services E1. Develop and promote new offerings that enhance member value.