Year after year QuEST Forum members achieve successes for all players in the ICT industry. Browse the comprehensive list of milestones below and discover the what they have accomplished.

– The Executive Board created the position of Chief Executive Office and appointed Fraser Pajak, a long-standing Board member and former executive at TELUS, to fill this role.

2010 – Despite uncertain economic times across the world, 2010 was a year of growth and stability for QuEST Forum. Membership and TL 9000 registrations both grew impressively. QuEST Forum also published two Industry Reports compiled from the submitted data from certified TL 9000 companies. Both reports illustrated the value of TL 9000 by clearly showing improvement in the quality performance of organizations that use the TL 9000 Quality Management System.

2009 – Established a Global Network Benchmarking study for service providers’ Network Reliability Centers (NRC’s). The objective of this effort is to compare performance against agreed on measurements with the focus being to both measure and improve end customer service as well as to enhance existing measurements and requirements in TL 9000, QuEST Forum’s quality management system.

2008 – Separated from a third-party Forum Administration service and established a fully staffed QuEST Forum Management Team in a permanent office location.

2008 – QuEST Forum celebrates its tenth anniversary.

2007The Greater China Regional Hub is established. First APAC Regional Conference is held in Mumbai. First Organizational Effectiveness Review to evaluate QuEST Forum operations and conduct industry benchmarks is completed.

2006The India Regional Hub is established. TL 9000 Requirements and Measurements Release 4.0 Handbooks are released. Seventh Annual Best Practices Conference is held in Research Triangle Park, N. Carolina. The Jump Start Mentor Program is deployed.

2004 – QuEST Forum Executive delegation makes first visit to China meeting with many network operators, government officials, quality and organizational standards bodies, and suppliers. Online TL 9000 data submission capability is unveiled.

2003 – QuEST Forum launches a global effort to deploy TL 9000. The EMEA Regional Hub is established.

2002 – Measurements Handbook Release 3.5 incorporates RQMS Measurements. First global conference is held in Seoul, Korea.

2001 – QuEST Forum now has 163 members with 66 TL 9000 certified companies.

2000 – QuEST Forum launches its first Best Practices Conference to bring together thought leaders, industry experts and practitioners to share, interpret and apply best-in-class practices across a variety of quality standards. First TL 9000 registration is accepted after 12 month pilot program. Later that year, the first TL 9000 industry trend data is published. Requirements Handbook Release 3.0 aligns with newly-issued ISO 9001:2000.

1999 – Quest Forum unveils its first TL 9000 Requirements and Measurements Handbooks. Over 15,000 copies were sold in the first year of publication. Partnerships set up with Certification and Accreditation Bodies to establish third party TL 9000 certification process. American Society for Quality (ASQ) is appointed the Forum Administrator and University of Texas at Dallas is appointed Measurements Administrator.

1998 – QuEST Forum was incorporated. At the inaugural meeting, work groups began drafting the set of quality requirements to be incorporated into the TL 9000 Handbook. QuEST Forum forms member work groups, who are tasked with the development of the TL 9000 hardware, software and services requirements.

1997 – At a meeting in Baltimore, Maryland, USA, QuEST Forum introduces the basis and concept of this new quality standard to a larger group of suppliers, who embrace and pledge support immediately.

1996 – A group of leading telecom service providers, including Bell Atlantic, BellSouth, Pacific Bell and Southwestern Bell, initiate an effort to establish better quality requirements for the telecom industry. The goal is to create a consistent set of quality system requirements that would apply to the global telecom industry. The Quality Excellence for Suppliers of Telecommunications Leadership (QuEST) Forum is formed.