TIA QuEST Forum is committed to the highest standards of ethics, integrity, personal responsibility and adherence to the laws and regulations that govern our business. TIA QuEST Forum has gained and retained the industry’s trust and confidence through our dedication to these values. In keeping with this commitment, we’ve adopted and published the following policies for governance that guide our members and staff in upholding the QuEST Forum name and reputation.

Code of Conduct

The Code of Conduct serves as a core guideline to members and staff on appropriate conduct in their professional environment. TIA QuEST Forum is committed to the principles described in this Code. To view and/or print copies of the Code of Conduct, click on the Code of Conduct title.

Social Responsibility Statement

The Social Responsibility Statement considers that recognition of its social and environmental responsibility is a key enabler to long term value creation. TIA QuEST Forum acknowledges the ISO 26000 guidance for Social Responsibility and the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard and recommends that member and non-member companies reference these as guidelines for developing their social responsibility and environmental policies. To view and/or print the Social Responsibility Statement, click on the Social Responsibility Statement title.

Antitrust Guidelines

TIA QuEST Forum is an association of firms that supply ICT products and services worldwide. In recognition of the fact that many of TIA QuEST Forum’s members are competitors, both the structure and the activities of TIA QuEST Forum are intended to enhance and not to inhibit the competitive process. TIA QuEST Forum has adopted Antitrust Guidelines to govern the activities of the Forum and its Executive Board, Working Committees, Subcommittees, and members in a manner that is consistent with both the letter and spirit of applicable antitrust law. To view and/or print the complete Antitrust Guidelines, click on the Antitrust Guidelines title.

TIA QuEST Forum Standard Operating Procedures (SOP)

TIA QuEST Forum is a membership association that is open to any company worldwide that is a ICT service provider, a supplier of ICT hardware or software, or a company that provides associated services. As a trade association its primary purpose is to reduce costs, to improve services and to enhance efficiency in the ICT industry by establishing a set of requirements, called “TL 9000”. Standard Operating Procedure

Terms & Conditions

Anyone registering for and/or attending a TIA QuEST Forum event, agrees to the TIA QuEST Forum Terms & Conditions as outlined in event registration materials.