Executive Board

Brad Spencer

Vice President, Mission Critical Environments
TELUS Communications, Inc.


Since 2004, Brad Spencer has held key senior management positions within TELUS. His career has been predominantly operationally focused. He has led large Engineering teams in network engineering and operations and his philosophy of empowering people, embracing change and putting customers first to deliver the best possible outcomes for Canadians on the move, at home and in the workplace has delivered exceptional results.  Brad has been an active participant, leader and contributor to the Quest Forum since 2009, leading the EB6 committee on the development and benchmarking of operational network metrics for service providers.  Additionally, Brad has presented at 3 recent best practices conferences.

Key positions in the last 15 years have included;

VP – Mission Critical Environments (All building envelope, AD, DC, HVAC, Generators for 2700 buildings)

Director – National Network Integrity (T3 operations nationally for all services and networks)

Director – National Translations and Logical Design (Engineering design for all Switching, Transport and IP Networks)

Brad’s current role has him supporting a team of 190 professionals responsible for the day to day operations of the critical environments infrastructure of 2700 buildings at one of the largest and most advanced wireline and wireless Telecoms in Canada. As an advocate of being “guardians of the network” and by extension, the customer experience, Brad is enthusiastic about the role technology, the application of standards, focus on sustainability and that of a passionate team can bring to driving the future of technology and standards to improve society.