Japan Hub

The Japan Hub supports both the QuEST Forum’s Asia Pacific Region and also participates extensively in the QuEST Forum’s worldwide operations.

Visit the Japan Hub web site:

Japan hub website

2016 Accomplishments

2017 Initiatives

  • Completed Japanese translations of TL 9000 Requirements Handbook (R6) and published
  • Held two successful TL 9000 seminars in July and November
  • Held five face-to-face hub meetings
  • Supported APAC Regional Conference
  • Followed up the translation of Alerts and QuEST Forum Newsletters
  • Submitted the comments on Tiered Approach and TL 9000 Roadmap
  • Hold two TL 9000 seminars
  • Hold five face-to-face hub meetings
  • Complete Japanese translation of TL 9000 Measurements Handbook R5.5
  • Support APAC Regional Conference
  • Engage additional Service Providers and Suppliers
  • Follow up the translation of Alerts and QuEST Forum Newsletters
  • Support new TL 9000 registration in Japan

2017 Japan Hub Leadership

Masahiro Shimbashi
Executive Board Contributor and Co-Chair
 Picture_Not_Available Ichiro Kawatsu
 Picture_Not_Available Isao Uchida
Shunichi Fujii
Hub Contributor
Picture_Not_Available Yosushi Kojima
Hub Contributor
Hisahiro Yoshizaki

Secretary & Oversight Team Leader

Yasuhiro Fujikura

Secretary & Oversight Team Leader