Americas Region

The charter of the Americas Region seeks to advance TIA’s strategic objectives, services and products in the United States, Canada, Central America, South America and the Caribbean.

Americas Region Benefits

In addition to the benefits of TIA and/or being TL 9000 certified, our region extends even more advantages to ICT organizations, including:

  • Special focus on regional supply chain quality and standards requirements
  • Increased opportunities for global carriers and suppliers to participate on a regional level
  • Multiple avenues for member contribution and participation at leadership and operational roles
  • Greater voice in dealing with local / regional regulatory bodies
  • Access to relevant quality resources and knowledge
  • Excellent showcase for best practices originating in North and South America

2017 Accomplishments

2018 Initiatives

  • Conducted Service Providers and Suppliers Summit in Plano, Texas, 18-20 September
  • Provided a forum for members to stay abreast of QuEST Forum workgroup activities and strategic initiatives
  • Strengthened new member participation in targeted work groups and sub-teams
  • Focused on growing membership in the Caribbean and South America by leveraging member relationships
  • Partner with TIA’s events planning team to plan speaker content for TIA’s Network of the Future conference in Plano, Texas in June
  • Provide forum for TIA members in Americas to stay abreast of work group activities, strategic initiatives and TIA training opportunities
  • Strengthen new member participation in targeted work groups and sub-teams
  • Incorporate Member Satisfaction Survey data into improvements for increased regional value

 Americas Region Leadership

 Ed Bryan  Ed Bryan
Software Quality Engineer, ADTRAN
Stephen Choy
C0-Chair & Americas Events Chair
Beth Ford Beth Ford
Senior Manager, Supplier Performance, AT&T Inc.
North Americas Secretary