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CB Mandatory Training on the Horizon – what you need to know! One of the Validation Audit Project actions included mandatory training for the currently qualified CB auditors. Its purpose is to address:

  • Insufficient General Training
  • Softgrading
  • Lack of Measurement Audit Knowledge
  • Infrequent Audit Practice and Experience
  • Insufficient CB Process Training
  • Calibration of Existing Auditors

The intent is to ensure all CB auditors have the necessary training to execute effective TL 9000 audits. Course modules will cover process auditing, TL 9000 requirements, and measurements. The CB Mandatory e-Learning Course is being finalized for a 4Q2017 release. The cost is $599 for e-Learning or $99 for a test-out option being offered. Once the course is released, CB auditors will have a six (6) month window to successfully complete the CB Mandatory Training or pass the exam per the test-out option. If an auditor does not pass the $99 test out option, then s/he will have to take the CB Mandatory e-Learning Course but will receive a $99 coupon credit to apply to the cost of the e-Learning. After the six (6) month window, no CB auditor will be qualified to conduct TL 9000 audits unless they have passed the exam. More details will be provided to the CB auditors as the course is finalized. Upon release, the course will be available on the QuEST Forum’s e-Shop. Although the course is known among the QuEST Forum community as CB Mandatory Training, all TL 9000 AB auditors also are required to successfully complete it. For questions or comments please use Contact Us.

Document Updates! Changes to the Code of Practice for TL 9000 Certification Process and the Qualifications and Experience Requirements for Certification Body Auditors were recently approved. Both documents are effective as of September 1, 2017. Alerts outlining the changes were issued. Note that both documents now have a Change History for quick review of changes.

Reminder! CBs are required to audit the measurements. The optional Measurements Handbook Checklist includes some of the requirements that must be assessed during a TL 9000 measurements audit. It includes the questions, what to look for and general guidance as to what is a major, minor or OFI and indicates what is expected to be seen in report notes. The information shown in classifying major, minor or OFI provides examples and is not intended to provide requirements. For actual nonconformity definitions refer to the Code of Practice for TL 9000 Certification Process. Note: the document is not a comprehensive checklist for all the counting rules associated with each measurement. CBs may use this checklist as an aid for auditing an organization’s measurements. Technical Reviewers may use this document to confirm thorough completion of measurement auditing. Certified Organizations may use the checklist for their internal audit practices to complement their internal audit of the measurements.

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