The AB/CB Subteam Activity

The AB/CB Subteam is busy developing an optional auditors’ aid. The purpose of the aid is to help auditors with questions for areas they may not be familiar with such as Agile software development, manufacturing test solution development, systems engineering, service deployment, etc. The aid is limited to specific questions related to a given process for the auditors to consider.

Based on CB input from their clients, it was determined there was an opportunity to provide additional clarity to the sample Clause Applicability Matrix. This matrix may be used to provide the organization’s list of processes along with the applicable requirements from the Requirements and Measurement Handbooks for the scope of registration. The team also proposed an update to the Code of Practice requirement to clarify that only a list of processes for the site to be audited are required. This requirement clarification will be voted on at the upcoming OSWG meeting.

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