9 Unexpected Benefits of Integrating Sustainability Into Your Company’s Core Strategy

For years, sustainability has been considered as a cost component or something that will, at best, save some money on electricity and water bills. Traditionally, the emphasis has been on up-front costs. However, integrating sustainability into your company’s core strategy actually can improve profitability by reducing total costs and enabling increased sales.


Sustainable companies not only drive profits, but create more value through unexpected customer retention and brand enhancement business opportunities. Dive into this white paper to discover:


  • Why businesses need to take a more pragmatic approach and stop viewing sustainability as an additional cost
  • Case studies from members of QuEST Forum and some of the world’s largest companies including Fujitsu, EPB and Unilever who are leading the way in the “Sustainable ICT” arena
  • Key evidence that sustainability can pay off and drive revenues and profits
  • How our new cloud-based tool, Quest Assessor, works to streamline the benchmarking approach and provides customized recommendations to take your sustainable processes beyond the point of compliance in to the realm of business excellence
  • What your organization should be thinking about now to reap the benefits of sustainability

Download this free white paper for more information on why organizations, like yours, should redefine how to approach sustainability to your benefit.

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