Now Accepting 2018 Work Group and Region Nominations

QuEST Forum will be holding the 2018 Work Group and Regional Leadership elections in December and we are now accepting nominations for the position of Chair and Vice Chair for the following Work Groups and Regions:

  • Global Business Excellence (GBE) Work Group
  • Integrated Global Quality (IGQ) Requirements & Measurements Work Group
  • Network Service Provider Reliability Council (NSPRC)
  • Oversight Work Group (OSWG)
  • Americas Region
  • EMEA Region

The deadline for submitting nominations is Friday, 1 December 2017. See below for details.

Each of these groups has a specific responsibility to achieve QuEST Forum’s strategic direction by carrying out the strategies defined. Per Article VI, Section 9 of the Bylaws, the Work Group/Regional Chair and Vice Chair shall have the following responsibilities:

  1. Lead the Working Committee to the successful accomplishment of the program objectives.
  2. Assure that open and ethical meetings are held.
  3. Strive for consensus decisions, but use the applicable formal voting procedure as the final decision-making mechanism.
  4. Report to the Forum on the Working Committee recommendations.
  5. Develop budget requests and manage and report on the budget during the term of the Working Committee.
  6. Assure that the Secretary has adequate and timely information for the execution of the secretarial duties.
  7. Provide inputs for the annual report as needed.
  8. Recap and document agreements before meeting adjournment.
  9. Interface with other Working Committees as necessary.
  10. Ensure that meeting notices with agendas are provided at least one week in advance, except in emergencies.
  11. Facilitate meetings to ensure that they are efficient and effective (includes clock management).

Instructions for Submitting your Nomination:

The deadline for submitting nominations is Friday, 1 December 2017 and the following information should be included when submitting nominations:

  1. Work Group or Region (GBE, IGQ, Oversight, NSPRC, Americas, or EMEA)
  2. Position (Chair or Vice Chair)
  3. Nominee Name and Title
  4. Company Name
  5. Nominee’s Contact Information (Mailing Address, Phone, E-mail)
  6. Letter from Management committing support for time, travel, incidental secretarial support, and mailing support. Click here to download the template for the Management Support Letter.

Please note: Nominees should be a current member of the Work Group or Region for which they are being nominated.

Nominations should be submitted via email to Leigh Ann Perkins at Leigh Ann will confirm receipt of the nomination.

To view a spreadsheet of the nominations received for 2018 Work Groups and Regions, please follow the instructions below. The spreadsheet will be updated as nominations are received throughout the nomination submission period.

  1. Log-in to the Members Only area of the QuEST Form website.
  2. Click on “Member’s Area” in the left-hand menu.
  3. Click on the “Files/Documents” link located approximately in the center of the page.
  4. A new window titled “QuEST Forum File Manager” will open up.
  5. In the File Manager window, click on the folder titled “2018 Work Group and Regional Elections”.
  6. Open or Download the file titled “Nominees for 2018 Work Group and Regional Elections”

If you have any questions regarding these leadership roles or the process outlined above, please contact Leigh Ann Perkins at

Leigh Ann Perkins
Manager, Membership & Administration

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