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2017 International Auditor Symposium

    Want to keep up to date with the latest information about auditing and standards but don’t have the time or budget to attend a traditional conference? Exemplar Global’s inaugural International Auditor Symposium brings the latest auditing and standards news right to your computer screen, wherever you are in the world. And if you […]

What’s Happening in IGQ

The Measurements Handbook (MHB) R5.5 Scrub was completed and the draft will go out for full QuEST Forum vote in April. In addition, the Examples team is working on an SFQ example and they expect it to be ready for approval at the April meeting.  The next item on the TL 9000 Roadmap will be […]

Annual Member Value Survey Launching This May

Your feedback is important! This May, we will be launching our annual Member Value Survey. The goal of the program is to continually increase the value of membership in QuEST Forum. The survey will focus on key programs, initiatives, and resources such as best practices, performance data reports, TL 9000, work groups, and regional group […]

DNV GL’s Business Assurance Group is seeking a Subcontractor TL9000 Lead Auditor

Tasks May Include Perform 3rd party ISO 9001 and TL9000 audits for North America and Mexico customers Document and report audit activities and results Interact directly with customers at all levels of management in developing timely, complete and accurate reports of their current level of compliance or implementation of their management system Maintain schedule of […]