2017 July TL 9000 Seminar in Kawasaki



The Japan Hub, CIAJ and Technofar held the 1st TL 9000 seminar of 2017 on July 24th at the Technofar seminar room in Kawasaki. We had 24 seminar participants including 12 first-time participants and 13 organizations in total.

The agenda of this seminar covered:

1. Introduction of QuEST Forum & Japan Hub
2. Guidance of how to access to web site for QuEST Forum & TL 9000 detail information
3. Process of TL 9000 certification registration
(Official Instructor: Ichiro Kawatsu, NEC for item 2&3)
4. Outline of TL 9000 Requirements R6.0
(Official Instructor: Shinichi Kobayashi)
5. Outline of TL 9000 Measurements R5.5
(Official Instructor: Hisahiro Yoshizaki)
6. Q&As
7. Questionnaire

65% of participants gave feedback as “good” or “excellent” on the content of lectures. We closed with fruitful Q&As and discussions.
After all programs, Japan Hub members had a drinking postmortem session outside.















One Response to “2017 July TL 9000 Seminar in Kawasaki”

August 07, 2017 at 1:57 pm, S M Bala said:

Very nice to see the Japan Hub continuing the momentum on TL 9000. Also glad to see our good old friends in the photos. Hope there will be an occasion to meet in person.


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