Amador Lucero

Chief Operating Officer
XO Communications


Amador Lucero is a telecommunications industry executive with over 42 years of expertise in network operations, outage management, disaster recovery, information technology and sales and support. Amador has also been an extraordinary supporting, mentoring and advancing the careers of many emerging leaders.

As COO at XO Communications, Amador is responsible for Engineering, Service Delivery, Service Assurance, Network Build and Optimization.

As CenturyLink’s Vice President of the Network Reliability Operations Center & National Field Operations, Amador’s organization was responsible for the reliability and stability of all network elements supporting the Regional Markets, Business Markets and Wholesale Markets organizations. He was also responsible for the operational excellence of all CenturyLink’s products, voice and data networks, hosting centers, hosted customer IVR platforms, and internal data and voice/call center network support.

At Qwest, Amador was Vice President-Network Operations and Engineering, where he was responsible for the Network Operations Reliability Center (NROC). Under his leadership, Amador’s team reduced the causes of FCC-reportable network outages to near zero. Following the Telecommunications Act, he was instrumental in improving the company’s CLEC collocation on-time completion performance to among the best in the industry. Amador was a member of several diversity groups and mentored four to six employees at any given time. He is still mentoring young leaders today and making a difference in our future leaders.

Amador has also owned his own consulting firm, Adaptonomix, LLC .



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